Rufin Brehov

Picture of Rufin Brehov

Age: 55

Place of birth: village Shurtan

Citizenship: Russia


Ruth & # 769; n (in the world Roma & # 769; n Willow & # 769; novich Bre & # 769; Hove; 1882 Village Shurtan Krasnoufimsky District Kungur county (according to other sources, 1894) - 1937) - Bishop of Satka and Igra, Vicar of Ufa diocese. The activity of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Belonged to edinoverchestvu - direction of Orthodoxy, whose members comply with the "old" donikonovskie ceremonies, but are under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1920 he was tonsured a monk, ordained to the priesthood. Elevated to the rank of abbot edinovercheskogo monastery in the town of Satka. In 1923 he was arrested and exiled for three years in Central Asia. In 1923-1925 he was in exile in the city of Tejen in Turkmenistan.

May 7, 1925 in Tejen consecrated bishop in edinovercheskogo Satka and Igra, vicar of the Diocese of Ufa lords Andrew (Ukhtomsky) and Leo (Cherepanov). September 3, 1925, together with Bishop Andrew ordained for the Old Believers` beglopopovskogo "wing of Bishop Clement (Loginova). After serving links lived in the town Satka, where he managed his vicariate. I do not recognize the jurisdiction of ZamestitelyaPatriarshego locum tenens Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky).

October 12, 1931 was sentenced Special Council of the NKVD to three years of exile in the Northern Territory "for counter-revolutionary propaganda and agitation". Then he lived in Ufa, where, according to the letter skhiepiskopa Peter (Ladygina), nourished supporters Bishop Andrew (Ukhtomsky).

He was shot in 1937.