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Waiting for athletes who do not want to be trainers

- Rudolph Maximovich, said that at the last Olympics in Athens as part of the Chinese delegation has been more than thirty sports psychologists in the US - about forty. We, as in Salt Lake City, the whole team you are one ...

- It is because the problem is long overdue, after Athens, by a decision of the Federal Agency for Physical Culture and Sport was created by the Institute of fundamental and applied problems of physical education and sport, and at the same institute - Centre of Applied Sport Psychology, which I have entrusted to lead. It was my old dream. And now we have taken to solve the problem, as they say, the whole world - working together with me leading Russian sports psychologists, Professor Rodionov, Sopov, Nepopalov ...

- What are the challenges before you set?

- The main task - training psychologists for the Russian team. Personally, I made a commitment - to provide all the forty-two teams, members of the Russian Olympic team, professional sports psychologists already at the Games 2008 in Beijing.

- And on the next year`s Winter Olympics in Turin?

- Up to Turin too little time, so I can not give any guarantees for the results of their work. Preparation of a sports psychologist - not an easy process and long. Believe my experience, gain the trust of the athlete is very, very difficult. That`s why testing is done, we pay special attention to those who had once been an athlete or just finished a career in professional sport. They were in a new profession will be much easier to navigate. So what are waiting for athletes who do not want to be coaches. Although important in the work of the psychologist, of course, not sport the past, and the ability to empathize with another person. This we try to teach. From the very first lesson our students will spend a lot of time in teams in various sports, undergo a kind of practice.

- What do you think, why the lack of psychologists in national teams, our sports officials noticed just now?

- Perhaps because of the Olympic Games in Athens as no other has exposed many problems in today`s sport. Already for Kogon secret that at these Games in the Russian team, unfortunately, there was no unity. We no longer love each other. Such indifference to the results of the teammates I have not met. There was not a single team spirit, Olympic special microclimate. Team flew for the Games, two days before the start, and were immediately flew home. In short, do not feel up to the end of the event, which can be in the lives of many athletes will never happen again. And those same Japanese one month before the start of the Olympics settled in the Olympic village, lived its atmosphere drawn into the regime ... I know that many of our teams of specially so cherished nerves, "escaped" from the prelaunch fever. But this is wrong. It should be tempered. These days, absolutely everyone who lives in the Olympic Village, has a hard time. But if there is no climate, the feeling of unity, the establishment of which is also included in the work of the psychologist, then doubly harder. Is the situation referred to by, for example, gymnasts on trampoline Alexander Moskalenko, shocked by the fact that people in the village in the form of the Russian team did not even say hello to each other, can be called normal?

- You personally took care of someone in Athens?

- To help all those who turned to me for help. On the eve of the start of rider Viatcheslav Ekimov came and confessed that he dreams of one - to sleep and wake up fresh. And I know how important for the athlete before the start of last night, "shaping" him to sleep in his room. Result Ekimova you remember (rider won the silver medal -. "NO"). Then in this lucky - as it later was called athletes - bed she spent the night Michael Ignatieff, who became Olympic champion on the track. And the bed was never empty until the last day of the Olympics ... I always say, the work of the practical psychologist simple, but the most difficult thing - to make it simple. Now I work with gymnast Alexei Bondarenko, thus, is in Athens after the vault carried away from the platform on a stretcher. I visited the collection handball players with Vladimir Maximov ... Who takes care of about ninety people. And sincerely I hope that with our help, all will be different in Beijing, the Russian team.