Rudolf Bing

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Age: 95

Citizenship: United States


Born in 1902, Sir Rudolf Bing grew up in Vienna in a wealthy Jewish family and studied at the University of Vienna. Working in small roles in bookstores, Bing used his chance, when the management of a company was also engaged in the organization of concerts. By actively participating in the work of the new agency, Bing attracted attention and soon he was invited to the post of assistant manager opera house in Darmstadt, and later, in 1931, the Berlin Municipal Opera.

Many years later, in his memoirs, Bing said that in the turbulent times, when several times a day from the artists passed the nerves, which owns a young person can really make a contribution. In 1934, theatrical figure left Nazi Germany and moved to the UK.

He married in 1928 at the Russian ballerina Nina Shelemskoy-Shlesnoy Rudolf Bing has lived with her married until 1983, when the spouse died from a sudden attack. By the time both have received British citizenship.

In 1934, Sir Bing helped to organize the first Glindeburnsky Festival in England. The following year, he was named general manager of the festival, and continued with the organization until 1949, when the transition to work at "Metropolitan". However, opera concerts were not carried out during the war.

In wartime, Sir Rudolf Bing made a living by working in the London department stores, however, used the first opportunity to return to the art. In 1944 he resumed work in Glindeburne and directed children`s theater. Two years later, Bing played a major role in the founding of the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and became artistic director of the event. "Up to Edinburgh all my life I worked for someone else`s assistant" - would later write Bing. It was there that he realized "a pleasant feeling of freedom, which is accompanied by the adoption of full responsibility."

Observe the year the work of his predecessor at the helm of "Metropolitan" - Edward Johnson, Rudolph Bing led the company in 1950 and ran it with authoritarian positions. "Do not let yourself be fooled - he once said Bing. - During this cold, strict, severe appearance concealed a heart of stone. "

Bing had to work at a time when air travel increased movement of artists between theaters. Not being able to maintain a constant composition of the performers, the new leader if the offset is traditional statements, rejecting contemporary music and innovatsionnyhrezhisserov. In the years that Bing led the "Metropolitan", the theater held the premiere performance of "Antony and Cleopatra", "Vanessa" Barber (1958) and "Mourning to face Electra" Marvin David Levy (1967).

Sir Rudolph was awarded the title of Knight in 1971 by Queen Elizabeth II. In 1972 he left his post at the "Metropolitan", briefly tried to teach at Brooklyn College, has written two books of memoirs and was engaged in the management of the company "Columbia".

In January 1987, the day of his 85th birthday, Bing married again, 47-year-old Carroll, Douglas, and for a time appeared on the pages of the tabloids. In 1989, close to Bing was able to prove that the former theater actor was suffering from Alzheimer`s disease and to annul the marriage. Balance Bing days spent in a nursing home and died in 1997 at age 95 from respiratory disease.

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