Ruben Gallego

Picture of Ruben Gallego

Date of Birth: 09/20/1968

Age: 48

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Spanish boy in a Soviet orphanage

Gallego was born September 20, 1968 in Moscow (Moscow), in the Kremlin hospital, with severe cerebral palsy. His mother - Aurora Gallego Rodriguez (Aurora Gallego Rodr & # 237; guez), daughter of Ignacio Gallego (Ignacio Gallego), one of the leaders of the Spanish Communist Party, and in 1984 - its general secretary. Ignacio Gallego has lived for some time in the Soviet Union, there lived and studied his daughter. In the future, she became a journalist and translator. Father Ruben was a Venezuelan student. At birth, doctors committed a number of blunders, which resulted in one of a pair of twins died, and the second, Ruben, was paralyzed - he did not possess any arms or legs.

When the boy was about fifteen years old, his mother got a call from the hospital and was told that rebenokumer. In fact, he was sent to an orphanage for disabled children, where he spent his childhood in a constant struggle for life, in constant abuse and humiliation. Who decided that the mother would be better if she would think that her child is dead - it is unknown. Perhaps it was the influence of his grandfather, Ruben, who was ashamed of disabled grandson, perhaps, the Soviet authorities did not want the publicity.

This period of his life Gallego wrote an autobiographical book `White on chernom`. The novel was published in Russian in 2002, and a year later was awarded a literary prize `Booker - Open Rossiya` as the best novel in Russian. Subsequently, the book has been translated into other languages ??(English, French, Swedish, Vietnamese, Polish, Czech, Georgian and Esperanto) and printed abroad. Several years ago, the novel became a play, which was the scene MXT Chekhov Theatre and Orlowski `` free space.

In 2003, Spanish director Algis Arlauskas (Algis Arlauskas) presented to the public a documentary film `` Letter to the mother of Ruben Gallego trip to Europe in 2001, during which he found his mother and met her. The film has collected a number of awards, including the Grand Prix at the Moscow International Film Festival `Breaking barerov`.

The usual practice in relation to disabled children without parental care, was this - after graduation they were transferred from children`s homes in the nursing home, where there was no proper care or simply human living conditions. According to Ruben, ten survived his tovarischeypo ward two, the rest very quickly died in a nursing home. By all means clinging to life, he was able to get an education in law and in the field of computer technologies and got a chance to provide for themselves and even feed his family. Despite the disability, Gallego thrice married and has three daughters in all marriages, two daughters from his first marriage live in Russia.

In 2001 in Prague (Prague), he met with his mother and decided to stay in Europe. Some time Ruben lived in Freiburg, Germany (Freiburg, Germany), but later moved to the United States. In 2011, when Ruben, moving with the help of a wheelchair, fell on the rails in the subway, and a week in a coma with severe fractures, money for his treatment received by readers from around the world.