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Date of Birth: 01/21/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Perth

Citizenship: Australia

Talk show host

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His first wife, the singer and actress Belinda Emmett, died of metastatic breast cancer in 2006. Rove took indefinite leave, and gone on a spree rumors that TV presenter throws forever. In October 2007, the widower began dating actress Tasma Walton.

John Henry, Michael McManus Rouv` `(John Henry Michael` Rove` McManus), son of John (John) and Coralie (Coralie), was born in Perth, Western Australia (Perth, Western Australia), in 1974. Nicknamed `Rouv` came up with his sister. McManus studied at Catholic elementary school Orana Catholic Primary School, and then graduated from the College of Corpus Christi College.

He married singer and actress Belinda Emmett (Belinda Emmett) in 2005 in Waverley, Sydney`s eastern suburbs (Waverley; Sydney). Emmett died of metastatic breast cancer November 11, 2006 the first hospital in St Vincent`s Hospital in Sydney. In October 2007, the widower began dating actress Tasma Walton (Tasma Walton). They were married on June 16, 2009-the first in a private ceremony on the beach in Broome (Broome).

Between 1997 and McManus started a program `The Loft Live`, who produced a student TV station RMITV. The project budget was only $ 50 a week. It was here that he became acquainted with Peter Hellayarom (Peter Helliar), now an indispensable co-host McManus. Rove then worked at broadcaster `Foxtel` as a traveling reporter transfer` In Fashion`, who led by Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman).

Commercial television network Nine Network McManus offered to release the first nine episodes of his own show `Rove` in 1999, but this case and limited. A year later, a new version of `Rove` supported by the TV network Network Ten, and the project became the main feature of the commercial network, as well as broadcast on channel TV3 in New Zealand (New Zealand).

The show `Rove` eventually began to play live music, celebrity guests began to come and speak with numbers comedians from around the world. Leading each star in their program asked awkward question `For whom you could change their orientation? `. He literally were pressing on his guests, until they began to speculate who they are attracted by the purely hypothetical of the same gender.

The production company McManus `Roving Enterprises` began to operate in 2000. Moreover, Rove himself was one of the producers of the talk show `Life Rouva` ( `Rove Live`) on Network Ten. Starting from 2002, the company `Roving Enterprises` produced the award ceremony of awarding` ARIA Music Awards`, which until 2004 led McManus.

When at the beginning of 2004, ill presenter Bert Newton (Bert Newton), McManus was one of a number of invited leaders of the program `Good morning, Avstraliya` ( `Good Morning Australia`). He led the episodes of 24 April and 12 October 2004. The following year, Newton and McManus were together a special program `Ten Seriously 40`, covers the history of the network Ten Network.

After the death of his wife Belinda of cancer in November 2006, Rowe took an indefinite leave of absence, and gone on a spree rumors that TV presenter throws forever. However, he returned to April 1, 2007-th and was able to gather audience in an amount of 1.69 mln. People. on his show `Rove`. In May of 2011 it was confirmed that McManus program will go under the name `Rove LA`, and its debut on September 19 at FOX8 channel. The second season of `Rove LA` started in 2012.

McManus - a supporter of the football club `Fremantle` of the Australian Football League. This team plays his cousin Sean McManus (Shaun McManus). In 2002, he received the first honorary membership in clubs, prestigious but largely symbolic position.

McManus played a cameo role in the animated film `Finding Nemo` ( `Finding Nemo`)-th 2003. In this cartoon, he voiced the crab. He also voiced himself in the animated series `Bro Taun` (` bro`Town`) and a number of TV series `Robotsyp` characters (` Robot Chicken`).

He is currently working on the film `Cookies From Outer Space` with actor and director Sieriosom Yahoo (Yahoo Serious).

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