Rostislav Galitskiy

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Citizenship: Russia


In 1230, following unrest in Novgorod, his father Michael went to Chernigov, son Rostislav "created princely trimmed" in the Novgorod St. Sophia Cathedral, left him in the city, under the supervision of Bishop Spyridon, but in the same year, Novgorod called pereslavlskogo Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, he After spending two weeks in Novgorod, placed on reigning in the Novgorod land of their sons - prince Theodore and Alexander. Rostislav with the former Novgorod mayor Vnezdom Vodovikom leave in Torzhok, where Rostislav of Novgorod reported that his father was no longer their prince, then they go to Chernigov [1].

In 1243, Rostislav naprintsesse married Anna of Hungary, daughter of King Bela IV of Hungary.

He gave his daughter, Elizabeth, for the Bulgarian king Michael I Asen. After that, in view of the childhood of the king, he had a major impact on the policy of Bulgaria. Reginskogo facilitate the conclusion of peace between Bulgaria and the Empire of Nicaea

In 1256 Rostislav the pretext of protecting his daughter Elizabeth, who is married to the new Bulgarian tsar (Koloman Asen II) after the death of her husband came with his army to Tarnovo. Koloman Asen II fled. Then Rostislav proclaimed himself king of Bulgaria [2] (married to the kingdom [citation needed]), was trying to establish itself in the country, but was not prinyatmestnoy nobility and could not take control of the capital. Having failed, he returned to his Danube.

Family and Children

Wife: (from 1243), Princess Anna of Hungary (1226/1227 - 1270 p.), Daughter of King Bela IV of Hungary of the Arpad dynasty. The marriage were born seven children, including:

Bela, Macva ban, was killed in November 1272

Michael, the ban of Bosnia, was killed in 1270

Elizabeth (Erzsebet) Rostislavna (died 1272/1298.) He was married three times. Husbands:

Michael Asen I (ca. 1238 - ca. 1256..), King of Bulgaria;

Koloman Asen II (died ca. 1256..), King of Bulgaria;

(From 1260) Moish II Daro (veng. Moys Daroi) (1210-1280/1281), Palatine of Hungary. There was a daughter of Elizabeth Daro, who was the wife of Miklos Medgyessy, Voivod of Transylvania, and one of the ancestors in the 7th lap of King Stefan Batory of Poland.

Kunhuta (Cunegonde) Rostislavna (1245-1285); I was married twice. Husbands:

(1261) Premysl Ottokar II, King of Bohemia; their son - Vaclav II ruled the Czech Republic and eventually became one of the ancestors of the Habsburg dynasty and Luxembourg;

(From 1284) Zavis Vitkovich (Czech Z & # 225;. Vi & # 353; Vitkovc; died 08/24/1290), a Czech nobleman, burgrave Falkenstein and Rosenberg.

Agrippina Rostislavna (d. 1305), in 1265 she married Leszek II the Black, one of the Polish princes.