Ronnie Biggs

Picture of Ronnie Biggs

Date of Birth: 08/08/1929

Age: 86

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The most famous of the participants in the Great Train Robbery

Ronald Arthur Biggs - English criminal. Is best known for the participation in the so-called `Great Robbery Poezda` in 1963 it, escape from prison in 1965. and 36 years on the run.

Biggs was born in Stockwell, Lambeth, London (Stockwell, Lambeth, London) August 8, 19298 th. During the Second World still quite small Biggs was evacuated in Flitwick, Berdfordshir (Flitwick, Bedfordshire), and then - to Cornwall (Cornwall). In 1947 18-year-old Biggs joined the British Royal Air Force; 2 years later, he was expelled from the army in disgrace, for desertion and the robbery of a local convenience store. A month later, Ronald, was arrested for stealing a car and sent to jail. Upon his release, Biggs took part in an unsuccessful raid on a bookmaker office in London. Again, once in prison, Ronald met another famous British prisoners, Bruce Reynolds (Bruce Reynolds).

Again leaving on freedom, Ronald tried to clean up its act; He received training at the carpenter, and in February of 1960, married Charmian Powell (Charmian Powell), the daughter of the school principal. Subsequently, Ronald and his wife were born three sons. Biggs was not enough money, and the need for them was - Ronald wanted to make a deposit for a house for his family. Soon Biggs turned up an opportunity - he became acquainted with the railway, going to retire. This is already almost a former driver of the train was known as `Egeyt` Stan (Stan Agate),` Old Pit` (Old Pete) or `Papasha` (Pop); his real name remains unknown, since his arrest, authorities have not been able to. It was this old man, and suggested the idea of ??robbery Biggs. To process and joined Bruce Reynolds.

The robbery took place in the 34th day of the birth of Biggs. Everything went according to plan almost immediately; as it turned out, Stan had not had anything to do with trains of this type and lead it was not able to. After beating the driver of the hijacked train, Jack Mills (Jack Mills), the bandits forced him to overtake the composition to a nearby bridge. The main objective of Biggs was Egeyta delivery; when the truth came to light, and both of them were absolutely useless, Ronald and Stan went to await the end of unloading trains to transport. During the allotted time bandits managed to download 120 128 mail bags; went to his hideout, they began to divide the spoil. Of the 2.6 million pounds of stolen Ronald received 147 thousand. he returned home to take the money,. Unfortunately, for a long time to enjoy the stolen Biggs was not necessary; gang member, who was assigned to burn the farm refuge, the task is not mastered, and police found enough evidence - like a ketchup bottle with fingerprints Biggs on it. 3 weeks later, Ronald, was arrested in South London, along with 11 other members of the gang. The 1964th 9 of 15 gangsters - including Biggs - went to jail; most were sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Ronald Biggs in prison had only 15 months, and then ran away, breaking the prison wall on a rope ladder. Biggs was waiting outside the van; Ronald waterway later went to Brussels (Brussels), and then - a meeting with his wife in Paris (Paris). There Biggs got the new documents and even plastic surgery done. Charmaine during that time managed to have an affair on the side, and even become pregnant; however, in the end she chose her husband and had an abortion.

The 1962nd Biggs moved to Sydney (Sydney); later he settled in a suburb of Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia (Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia). New life he liked, even by `ulova` after the robbery of money there are not too many; large part went to the operation and transfer. Ronald Soon it became known that the police and Interpol are following in his footsteps. Ultimately, Biggs escaped from Australia to Brazil (Brazil). Charmaine C Ronald eventually divorced; later, the ex-wife of the legendary bandit was able to earn more on the story of her husband.

At the time of the move Biggs in Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), the extradition treaty was not between Britain and Brazil. Soon Ronald managed to track down - first the press, and later - and the police; Unfortunately, the practical effect of this is not followed. In general, Brazilian authorities could go towards the British, but Biggs had already had time to find yourself a new girlfriend, a local dancer Raymundo de Castro (Raimunda de Castro). She was pregnant by Ronald and give the father-child Brazilian authorities could not. The status of the criminal life Biggs still are complicated - it could not work, go to bars or stay out after 10pm. For the life of the family Biggs earned arranging in Rio barbecue; many tourists visit this event, in order to personally see Ronald and listen to his stories about the robbery. Even the fact that he Biggs in the crime played a relatively small role, its popularity has not diminished.

In April 1981 a group of British tried to kidnap Biggs to get the reward from the police. The plan does not udals I - Ronald rescued representatives of the Coast Guard.

Extradition treaty was formally signed in the 1997th. After 2 months, the British made a formal request for the issuance of Biggs; Ronald himself at about the same time said that more resist his extradition is not going to. This, however, does not change anything - the Brazilians refused to extradite, Biggs granting the right to live in the country until the end of his days. In 2001, Biggs said he planned to return to Britain. At home, he came second May 7, 2001-th; he was immediately arrested and sent to prison. Sit Biggs was 28 years old; however, almost immediately after his arrest Biggs began writing requests for release due to poor health. Health Problems Ronald indeed were, but he was released to freedom only on August 6, 2009. In total, the prison Biggs has spent a third of schedule.

In the wild state of Ronald improved, although he returned to the hospital several times. 18 December 2013, 84-year-old Biggs had died in a nursing home. By ironic coincidence, it happened just a few hours before the premiere of the new series the BBC, dedicated to glorify Ronald robbery.