Ronald Venetiaan

Picture of Ronald Venetiaan

Date of Birth: 06/18/1936

Age: 80

Place of birth: Paramaribo

Nationality: Suriname


Ronald Venetiaan was born in 1936 in Paramaribo. He graduated from high school in his hometown and in 1961 moved to the Netherlands to continue his education. Venetiaan received his doctorate in mathematics and physics at Leiden University and returned to Suriname in 1964.

At first he worked as a school teacher, and later a teacher of mathematics in high school. In 1973, Ronald Venetiaan begins to work in the government of Suriname to the post of Minister of Education. A post he held for seven years, then returns to his former career. Again he returned to politics in 1988, and for a further three years, again took a ministerial seat. At the same time, Ronald Venetiaan also serves as a member of the executive body of UNESCO and is an active board member of the National Party of Suriname (NPS).

In 1991, Ronald Venetiaan of Suriname became president. This appointment is made possible after the electoral success of the New Democratic Front. In Suriname, at this point the three main political parties.

As president, Ronald Venetiaan enters the 1992 amendment to the constitution to limit the power of the armed forces. He also signed a peace agreement with the guerrilla group of influential and helps to stabilize the country`s currency. However, 1996godu New Front fails to win enough seats in the National Parliament, and replaced by the new president Venetiaan - Jules Wijdenbosch. During the work of President Jules Wijdenbosch committing many serious economic and political errors and leads to full Suriname instability. Allegations of corruption of the new president is not unfounded.

In August 2000, Ronald Venetiaan was the second time elected president of Suriname. He was to restore economic stability and to increase foreign investment in the country.

Ronald Venetiaan has inherited from his predecessor`s currency devaluation, high inflation, a collapsing health care system and the bloated bureaucracy. urgent and extraordinary measures are being taken to curb inflation and stabilize the exchange rate.

Ronald Venetiaan Government able to reduce public spending and to stabilize the operation of the banana industry with the help of international loans.

In August 2005, Ronald Venetiaan was re-elected president of Suriname. Although neither Venetiaan, or his new political contender Rabindra Parmessar did not get enough votes in parliament to become president, Ronald Venetiaan`s candidacy had been left to the discretion of the regional authorities.

For him, voted 560 deputies out of 879.