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Romas Ramanauskas not want to spit in eternity

Author: Marian SAEED SHAH

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Already being in Vilnius, we called Ramanauskas, to arrange a meeting.

- Call me simply Romas, so familiar - he asked and immediately asked where we were staying.

- ABOUT! - He cried when he heard the answer. - It is far from my mother`s house, I was just going to check on her. Drop for you to not get lost in an unfamiliar city.

He literally burst into the hotel lobby.

- Guys, I am on a six feet! Is it possible to waking early spring ?! I suggest a stroll in Vilnius. I was born and raised here. So we come to my house. It is located in the most romantic area, which translated into Russian as the District, our whole bohemian lives there.

And we hit the road ...

Delicious Shoe

In the surrounding area our attention is a fun sculpture - a bronze boy with galoshes in his hands. Noticing interest Romas told a touching story:

- This is an 8-year-old Roma. He lived in the house opposite. To prove the love of the girl, Valentina, did not pay attention to him, the baby in her eyes ate overshoe. Then women lit a passion in her eyes, and he realized that he won, but he was immediately taken to hospital. When he grew up, he became well-known French writer Romain Gary.

His action, he described in a biographical novel "Promise at Dawn". We have unearthed a unique origin story writer of the twentieth century, we learned that it was our countryman, and decided to pay him tribute. Figure all these pretentious leaders! Suppose there is a monument to the great countryman.

Club Gary writer - one of the cases, which Romas devotes a lot of time.

- For me it is - a matter of life, even more important than acting.

In the center of the city he showed us all the sights, including churches.

Are you a religious person? - We asked.

- Not a religious, but a believer - he corrected. - Special positions are not met, but the meat on Good Friday do not eat.

- This is the central avenue of Vilnius, it was named in honor of the national hero Gediminas - told our wonderful guide.

And how it was called in Soviet times?

- Lenin! How else could be called the main street? You seem to have arrived from Mars!

Sex in the cellar

On the cobbled streets we entered the cozy courtyard.

- Where I spent my childhood, - he continued the tour Romas. - We had an international company. But because of my friends I met then only Fima boy, he became a police commissioner. And there were the cellar, in one of them happened in my first sexual experience with her daughter Irochka officer. I had short pants with suspenders. Ira is very professional undid them, and we have shown each other how we are created by nature. Then Ira buttoned my pants and we went home. It was seven years old! Then I have a childhood friend, not seen, which is a pity. When I was 17, we went out of the house. The authorities felt that they improve the living conditions of citizens, to resettle them in the "Khrushchev". So we have life and scattered. Oh - he checked himself Romas - I promised to call my mother.

After saying a few phrases in Lithuanian, he told his family history:

- My parents - from the post-war intelligentsia. Dad was a big boss, in charge of municipal services in the city hall. Mom - museum worker and teacher. Sister Niele become an architect. And my childhood was hostility to science. I wanted to become a journalist, but in those days it was madness. Not enough yet to climb the red journalism, writing about the leading Doiarki! I said the teacher, "Romas, if you go against his artistic craft, the sopetsya from the complex, which is not live." You write down what I`m saying? - Suddenly worried our source. - I asked to monitor themselves and bawdry not be ... great Faina Ranevskaya said: "Removing a bad movie - the same as to spit in eternity." Interview - this is also a slap in the eternity! I suggest to taste the zeppelins in the cafe - the national dish of grated potatoes with meat inside.

Expert Russian slang

What is original tablecloth - we noticed, sitting at a table.

- No, tablecloths already trail the usual fear that their ... uh-uh, this word is good, do not sleep ... Do - Romas smiled. - Yes, guys, a couple of words, comprehensive for all people. This "magnus ets ..." and "... zae vivo Recording"! In Lithuanian it sounds nice, but infantile. And in Russian may mean luxury and nature, and excellent bite, yes anything.

We noticed that the Romas is fluent in Russian, and a compliment.

- I know the slang - Romas said - and everyone can master the language of a fool. Knowledge of Russian slang solidified in Soviet times, when all communication on the set came down to the glass. It`s a closed state was idiotic. Therefore, we read a lot, and also a lot of drinking.

We walked slowly, passing the magnificent park.

- I hope you like Vilnius? - Asked Romas. - Brought him the UNESCO historical center as a pearl in the list of World Heritage of Culture. And there are not fools!

At the river, looking at running water, he suddenly asked: "Have you already talked with Lilith" (Lilith Ozolinja - Latvian actress, who played the role of Martha in the film "The Long Road in the Dunes" - MS Sh.)

- Yes, we talked on the phone, and she said that you were on the set of in love with her.

Double Love

- It is said that? That`s what the infection! - Romas said. - So, I feel! Lilite had difficult because Juozas Kisielius, who played, as you remember, Arthur, when he saw Ozolin, began openly to show her distaste. He knew that she would change his hero, and give preference to the rich man. It so happened that at the beginning of their acquaintance he had already played the final picture. Juozas once even said that by the end of filming, we have time to quarrel, but we do not even have never argued for all year and a half. The last frame of the film coincided with the last shooting day. The heroine Lility Martha had to open the door for me and sad to look at me. But the play did not have to, we had a hard time actually.

We understood that the end is something important in our lives. "Lilith, - said director Alois Brench - you have to look harder to Richard, the man has ruined your life!" But we could not help himself. We understand that after filming begins spiritual emptiness. But after the premiere filmmakers showered with offers, letters of fans. There was a lot of roles, but no picture hint does not quite live up to "The Long Road in the Dunes". I remember every detail of the shooting, and is remembered only because all the present.

Romas, only one of the film group, have not given the award for the film, although his name was on the list. But the top brass said, "Where have you seen that the manufacturers give bastards-Prize!" Romas sadly told how difficult it was at that time: Prize stripped and began a difficult relationship in the family.

- On the other hand, I am proud that I have no titles, but no one I do not have to.

Jokes fate

And your friend Juozas Kisielius Soviet officials, on the contrary, loved ...

- What fate has played with me and Juozas - human comedy. Together we go to college, studying on the same course, were distributed in one theater. They fall in love with the same girl, and she became my wife. In Aglii a very good taste, so she chose me. Kisielius too, then married, and then, as I got divorced. And another coincidence - his second wife was a girl named Agliya. When I went to apply to the registry office for the second time, the staff almost in unison asked: "Are you conspired with Kisielius? He also filed papers today, you will check in one day! "-" Please - I prayed - I write at least an hour earlier. I want to beat him! "That`s the man`s Hochma.

Among our acquaintances I was regarded as a man alive, temperamental, and he was restrained. This slow-Baits. We probably became friends because complement each other. He had to be very difficult when destroying everything connected with the Soviet state, he`s mainly played the role of a red color. He grieved creative uselessness.

In Soviet times, and you have better things evolved ...

- I have enough to live on. I even managed to cinematic salary to buy a cooperative apartment. And now I live well, no debt, which is already a lot. On alcohol do not spend money. About five years ago I have stopped to drink at all.

Gradually we got to the house Romas. On one of the windows sat a large ginger cat.

- Here`s my Dandelion - proudly said the actor. - I was waiting for.

friends with ex-wives

- Here, guys, see my photo archive - Romas spread out on the table picture. - This is my grandson Dominikos can Domas. He has avenged all the women behind us, offended their men! Dominica nine years old, he lives with his mother Tatiana Lyutaeva in Moscow, and the summer holds on my farm. Tanya with my son Rokas long been divorced, but we have a great relationship with her. When they parted with Rokas, I was on her side. She did the right thing, that went to Moscow, she began to offer a good role. Rokas in Moscow did not go. Whatever he was doing with his language barrier ?! Yes, they are Tanya was already divorced and were enemies. By the way, we Rokas pictured. It is - the director.

What a nice guy! - We could not resist the compliment.

- Yes. He was already under 40. But it would be better, you said that it is as beautiful as the papa.

Romas offered us some more coffee, but we refused. Then he went to wash the dishes. In the kitchen, as well as throughout the apartment, perfect order reigned.

- I can very much to do around the house, because my wife and I divorced. And marry again ... When you`re 50, it`s hard to get used to another person. Of course, it was not easy to get used to a lonely life. But we have a second wife Rasa remained friends, neighbors live on the farm. The house, however, re-written on me. But she also spends every summer there. We lived together for 20 years, I left her a prestigious apartment, he is now living in a little.

It turned out that he and his first wife left the apartment, left with one suitcase ten years after the wedding. With ex-wives Romas to maintain good relations. And they also get along well with each other.

- My first wife, when I left on tour, my cat brought home a second wife so that she looked after him. With his first wife have a common grandson. Of course, we are not going to specifically drink coffee, but see each other often.

In parting, Romas again flashed knowledge of the great and mighty. He gave us a journal in which published his articles. Carefully put the autograph, saying: "Now I feel like a real writer, not x m ... dog."

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