Romualds Ancans

Picture of Romualds Ancans

Date of Birth: 04/01/1944

Age: 67

Place of birth: Stari

Citizenship: Latvia


He graduated from the acting department of the Latvian State Conservatory. J. Vitola (1970). Theatre actor them. Rainis.

In 1982, together with Alexander Zbrueva starred in the epic drama "Preface to the battle." The film - July 1941, the Great Patriotic War. The film is about those who are evacuated to Siberia and the Urals factories gave all his energy to the creation of our military equipment, and, as they could be approaching Victory Day.

In 1989 - one of the main roles in the war drama "Cargo 300" on the war in Afghanistan.

In 1993 he played in the television series "The tragedy of the century", dedicated to the Second World War. On the feature film recreated means the most important events of 1941-1945, all the great battles of the Second World War.