Roman Ploper

Picture of Roman Ploper

Date of birth: 12.02.1973

Age: 43

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Roman Ploper in 1995 graduated from RATI (formerly GITIS), workshop AA Goncharova.

During his studies he worked in the Theater. Mayakovsky, playing Boris in the "Storm", as well as roles in other productions.

From 1994 to 1995 - an actor of the theater "Shalom", she was busy in the performances: "Novels Sewell", "Yankel", "Nationality? Yes! "And others.

"Potapenko theater project" (Israel) From 2000 to 2003 worked with. He played in such performances as "Alice in Wonderland", "Don Juan in Egypt" and others.


In the movie Roman Ploper debut while still a student, playing a cameo role in the film V.Pichula "Dreams idiot."

The first big role in the movie Roman Ploper not played in Russia and in the Israeli cinema. In 2001, Mr. Cohen film "He and She", he played a major role. And in 2003 he appeared in the image of the father in the film Potapenko "Nijinsky - Heavenly Clown."

Russian viewers Roman Ploper known primarily for his role in the TV series swindler "Airport 2" (series "Words and deeds").


1993 Dreams idiot

1994 Love

2001 He and she (Israel)

2003 Nijinsky - heavenly clown (Israel)

2004 Private Detective

2005 easy to understand - series

2006 Airport - 2 - TV series

2007 Actress