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Date of Birth: 03/14/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Kostroma

Citizenship: Russia


Roman Roman Kurtsyn was born and raised in Kostroma. His parents had nothing to do with art did not have: my mother worked as a secretary, Dad - policeman. The desire to become an actor came from Roman as a child, after watching the famous film "D`Artagnan and the three musketeers." Then he decided that he would be sure to shine on the screen!

The actor says that the main memories of childhood are tied to the school, and the girls armwrestling. Armwrestling he started in high school, and at age 17 he became the champion of Russia in this sport. But a study from Roman until some time things were not important. So much so, that in the 10th grade he even wanted to eliminate for truancy. And then my mother said to him: "If you do poorly in school, then you will not get in the theater institute." It has become a major motivator for Roman. He "come to his senses," and in its certificate appeared some four and five ...

Study in Yaroslavl

After school, Roman Roman Kurtsyn entered the Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute. There, his study also flowed smooth. As recognized by the Roman, it would expel three times! But he is still thankful and grateful to his master course Alexander Kuzin.

In the fourth year Roman Roman Kurtsyn signed his first contract - a film studio Yekaterinburg. Soon he was invited to audition for the 12-serial film "Road to Mangazeya" (the film was released in theaters, called "Silver"). And initially it was assumed that Roman will play a supporting role, but then had to take a decision to entrust him with a major role. In the process of shooting the young actor traveled on horseback, performing trick number, participated in the battle scenes, fencing. In short, a dream to be like D`Artagnan start to come true ...

Diverse and type crystal

In 2007, Roman Roman Kurtsyn graduated from Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute. Even during his studies he often said that he was too cute for serious work. Therefore, novel, he was very upset that his bright appearance directors will not see the inside depth. However, the first film works scattered his experiences. In 2008 came three films with his participation - and all roles were diverse.

As already mentioned the historical series Yuri Volkogon director "Silver" Roman Roman Kurtsyn played the role of Alexis, Man of the noble family, very closed in nature, in the melodrama Alexander Barshak "Bon voyage" played a small role of rural guitarist Ivan, and the show "Champion" of his hero Denis became a womanizer Bekhterev, conqueror of women, the most eligible bachelor in Moscow. It should be noted that in the "champion" of the actor initially approved in the cameo, which was supposed two or three days of shooting. But after the Roman talked to the producer of the project, he was entrusted with a major role ...

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