Roman Indyk

Picture of Roman Indyk

Date of Birth: 05/03/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Kaluga

Citizenship: Russia



Roman was born in the city of dreams of space - Kaluga. It is therefore not surprising that from childhood the boy was delirious ideas and Tsiolkovsky Chizhevskogo. In high school, Roman studied in the most "cool" mathematical boarding school, so-called "Kolmogorov" PMS 18. After he successfully entered the Bauman College, where he learned not four courses. And then the young man decided to radically change their fate ...

Roman decided to become an actor. He entered VGIK on the course Kindinova E. and M. Lobanov. Roman classmates were: Andrew Merzlikin Oksana Korystyshevskaya, Victoria Ayzentir Alexander Bukharov.

Later Roman Indyk graduated from the "special" rate classical scholar in the Russian State Humanitarian University - the main way of communicating with the world.


After graduating from VGIK Roman Indyk he worked at the Moscow Theatre Clownery Teresa Durova. Then there were various repertory.

As recognized by the actor himself, "a theatrical revolution of consciousness" took place at the festival "the NET" in Moscow`s Meyerhold Center in 2001 thanks to the participation in the performance of "Alceste" director Klim. After this one-man show was staged "tower Chikatilo" (abstsentnaya confession sentenced to death), the play by Michael Volokhova in Vysotsky Center, participated in the studios of Anatoly Vasiliev theater.

Currently, Roman Indyk kvypusku preparing the next one-man show - "Last Tango Casanova" in his own play. It is expected that this will be an outstanding event in the theatrical life.


In the movie Roman Indyk debuted in 2003 in the series Murad Ibragimbekova "I have a plan of escape." In this 8-series film covering the Soviet era, and the restructuring of the "new" Russia, the actor has played a major role - Oleg Bashmakova. In the role of his wife starred famous actress Catherine Rednikova. In the series, we have also been busy: Marina Golub, Alexey Zharkov Vladimir Steklov, Victor Proskurin, Olesya Zheleznyak, Michael Politseymako and others.

Later on the channel "Russia" was "Taffy-HOCH" series "Always say always" on the novel by Tatiana Ustinova. In the second season, when filmed sequel - "Always say always -2", the main characters have added "villain". This role played by Roman Indyk. His character for 8 series of intrigues, ordered killer and had an affair with the heroine, who starred in the role of Anastasia Melnikova.

Also in 2005, Roman Indyk was invited to the popular series of Yuri Kara`s "Star of the era," which tells about the fate of the actress Serov. The actor played the first love of the main character - the first secretary of the Komsomol Kosarev. However, by the end of the first series of his character he has been signed by the shooting.