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Date of Birth: 07/17/1903

Age: 108

Place of Birth: Marseille

Citizenship: France


In 1936 he defended his PhD in philosophy at the University of Strasbourg and was appointed professor of philosophy at Albi. At the same time it is becoming a Marxist. During the Second World War he was in the ranks of the left wing of the French Resistance movement.

Since October 1944 he has been actively involved in the political life of France. Constituent Assembly was elected deputy (1945-1946), the National Assembly (1946-1951), in 1956 was elected a member of the Politburo of the French Communist Party (held this post until 1970 and is considered the leading ideologue of the party), Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly (1959- 1962) and a senator (1959-1962).

He died June 13, 2012 in Paris.


Known for having radically changed his views during the life: he was a devout Christian, activist of the Communist Party, he had converted to Islam.

In 1982, he converted to Islam and got the name of Reg`s Dzharudi. A feature of Aqidah Garaudy was the belief that God created man to their caliph (vicegerent), and this inheritance is not elected, but all Muslims.

Garaudy was a Holocaust denier. Justifies the persecution of German Jews by Hitler (which had already begun in 1933) that the September 6, 1939, after the outbreak of the war the chairman of the Jewish Agency (Jewish Agency for Palestine) with an office in London, Chaim Weizmann announced publicly that the Jews were ready to "fight for democracy on the side of the UK. " According to Garaudy, "this letter was a presently classified Jewish world war Germany" He claimed that the Jews invented the Holocaust specifically to opravdatrazrushenie Germany and the establishment of the State of Israel.

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