Roger Altman

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Date of Birth: 04/02/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: United States

The founder of the investment group "Evercore Partners"

Altman was born in Brookline (Brookline) in the family librarian and Broker with food. Roger brought up in the spirit of the Catholic faith. Bachelor`s degree from the University of Georgetown, business management master`s degree - Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

In the period from 1974 to 1977th Altman worked in `Lehman Brothers`, and c 1977 to 1981st, he served as Assistant US Treasury Secretary. During this period, Altman had a chance to study especially tight and resolution rather problematic situation around the company `Chrysler`. In 1981. Altman returned to `Lehman Brothers`, now, however, he was no longer just a chief partner, but the position of one of the leaders of the group investment banking. In addition, Roger Altman was listed on the board and in the management committee of the company.

In the `80s Altman served as a lecturer and adjunct professor at the Yale School of Management. In 1987th Roger Altman joined the freshly `BlackStone Group`, received the post of vice-chairman. Here, in the jurisdiction of Roger were mergers and acquisitions advisory aspects and already familiar to his investment issues.

Some time Roger Altman worked Deputy Minister of Finance. He left this post, he in 1994 after quite a scandal, related to conservation koe-kakih financial data and control access to them. In 1996, Altman instead of returning to the `Blackstone` founded` Evercore Partners`, which is engaged in direct investment and advisory services. Works the company in New York, and to this day Altman has served as its chairman. One of the biggest projects of the company has become the story of the `General Motors`. Even before its bankruptcy `` GM`s company paid $ 46 million Altman, Evercore later `` request has 17.9 million dollars as `payment for the successful completion of the case `. Trustee in bankruptcy called `stated price absurdly high and` `clearly superior border of reasonable` adding that `` Evercore could not find any buyers, no additional sponsors for the debt `. This, alas, was not the last scandal, connected with `Evercore`: so, in April 2014 the former banker of the company Hickson Perkins (Perkins Hixon) was found guilty of using insider information related to the company`s securities.

Twice Roger Altman served kachestvekonsultanta contenders for the presidency: in the 2004th he worked with John Kerry (John Kerry), and in the 2008th - Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton). Alas, neither in the first nor in the second case its candidate win the election failed.

It is known that Roger Altman is the steering committee of the infamous Bilderberg. About this club knows relatively little. It is believed that its member prominent figures from the world of big business and politics meet every year behind closed doors in the absence of even members of the press, specifying these meetings almost world order and the new world order in general. The 2009th Altman was included in the list of participants of the Bilderberg Conference in Greece (Greece).

Ever since 1981, Altman married to journalist Jurate Kazikas (Jurate Kazickas).

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