Rogachev Vladimirovich

Picture of Rogachev Vladimirovich

Citizenship: Russia


He worked in a printing house, a brick and a brewery in Kobelyaki Poltava province. Since 1915 in the Army - the ordinary infantry regiment in the South-Western Front (was wounded twice), in 1917 - a member of the company commander, regimental and divisional committees. During the German occupation was involved in underground work in Poltava (in Borotbists Party (since November 1918 -. With the Bolsheviks) in 1919 - an employee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Poltava, after the retreat of the Bolsheviks ordinary guerrilla group, political commissar of the Don divisions and headquarters of the 1st army (Orenburg 1919) then at work in the military censorship authorities in Orenburg and Ekaterinoslav, November 1920 CZK (after passing under the jurisdiction of military censorship CHK) -... the chief of the military press Ekaterinoslav lips S1922 Cheka, he served in the border troops in Tiraspol (the chief frontier and env. department of the GPU), Vinnitsa (assistant chief and the head of Podolsky frontier), Kamenetz-Podolsk (assistant chief frontier for the operational control section), in military intelligence (assistant chief of GS of the 14th Rifle corps, 1926-1927) in economic departments (Head of ECO Kiev and Odessa env GPU departments.), the S1931 -. Chief of the 1 st branch of INFO and political control (March of the same years- head of the 1 st ACT Branch) of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR. In November of 1931, after the appointment VA Balytsky deputy chairman of the Troops, along with other Ukrainian security officers transferred to the central office and appointed secretary GS GPU. Since December 1932 - ACT Assistant Chief of the GPU of the Ukrainian SSR, on March 1934 the chief of the OGPU OO PP // PA UGB NKVD Chelyabinsk region. Since February 1935 - again in the central office in Moscow -nachalnik 3rd branch GS GUGB NKVD (May 1936 - at the same time head of the 00 Air Army). Since December 1936 after the reorganization of the military counter-intelligence - the chief of 3rd department of 5th Division GUGB Soviet NKVD (from January 1937 - assistant to the head of the 5th Division and the head of the 4th department of the same department). From March 1938 after the formation of the 2nd Administration (DOE), the NKVD - nachalnik1 th Division, with August 1938 - 2nd Department of Management. After the reorganization in September 1938 (2nd management was reorganized in the 4th department of the NKVD restored GUGB) - Assistant Chief of the 4th Division GUGB NKVD.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Star (2.1.37, apparently, for their participation in the war in Spain, t. To. The other security officers, on awarding reported in the same published in the press USSR Central Executive Committee decision, the order was received for a job in Spain) and "Sign Honor "," Honorary worker Cheka-GPU. " Arrested on 18 December 1938 was shot by sentence of ECCU Soviet Union (20 February 1939). Do not rehabilitated (for participation in the repression of the Red Army in 1937-1938.)