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Date of Birth: 08/22/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Petropolis

Citizenship: Brazil


Santoro was born in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro. In 1993, while studying journalism at the University of PUC-Rio, he joined the acting workshop Reed Globo. Acting craft suddenly interested in Rodrigo, and after a while he was actively playing in telenovelas Globo, like `Olho no Olho`,` P & # 225; tria Minha`, `Explode Cora & # 231; & # 227; o`,` O Amor Est & # 225; no Ar`, `Suave Veneno` and` Mulheres Apaixonadas`; In addition, he went to the priest`s role in the miniseries `Hilda Furac & # 227; o`. Santoro also is the voice of the main character Novels Stewart Littl` `(` Stewart Little`) for the Brazilian steel.

The first major film role perepala Rodrigo in 2001, in the film `Bicho de Sete Cabe & # 231; as` Brazilian director Leis Bodenski. At that time, it has been criticized for actively participating in this soap opera; before the first demonstration of paintings at the Brazilian Film Festival of 2000 it even booed. After the end of the film, however, the audience applauded standing Santoro; critics and audiences just admired how he played a young man sent his own father to a psychiatric hospital for smoking marijuana. It Rodrigo got the award `Best Actor festivalya`.

Once his reputation as a talented actor finally entrenched, Santoro won the role in the film `Abril Despeda & # 231; ado`, one of the nominees for the Golden Globus`` `in the category of Best Foreign film` in 2002nd. A year later, Rodrigo played in yet another critically acclaimed film - the film by Hector Babenco `Carandiru`; there Santoro played a prisoner transsexual named Lady Dee.

Some time after this Santoro signed a contract with a Canadian television directors Robert Ackerman; Rodrigo received a role in his telepostanovke `The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stoun` (` The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone`). The talent of the young Brazilians interested Ackerman after watching `Bicho de Sete Cabe & # 231; as`; because the actor did not have an agent in North America, Robert contacted his father.

Shortly after the `Roman vesny` Santoro got the role in the blockbuster` Charlie`s Angels: Full vpered` ( `Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle`). C this time, and began a career in Hollywood, Rodrigo; `Angelov` after he played Carl, a leading designer and mysterious love interest of the character of Laura Linney in the romantic comedy` Real lyubov` ( `Love Actually`) c Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley and Rowan Atkinson.

Soon Rodrigo interested in advertising business leaders; in the 2002`s he has worked with Gisele Bundchen, and in the 2004th - played a major role in the three-minute commercials `Chanel` directed by Baz Luhrmann and Nicole Kidman.

The 2006th Santoro joined the team of the popular series `Stay zhivyh` (` Lost`); however, his character, Paulo did not cause much interest in the audience and was pretty fast `ubit`. By the way, for the Portuguese version of the series is voiced by Rodrigo Paulo.

The next breakthrough Santoro was part of the Persian Emperor Xerxes in the movie `300 spartantsev` (` 300`) based on the eponymous comic book by Frank Miller. He had to work hard to get that role - in particular, to lose 24 pounds. With the help of computer graphics Rodrigo added almost a foot of growth; wax from his body were removed completely all the hair, except eyebrows. For this role, Santoro - the first of the entire cohort of Brazilian actors - was nominated for an MTV Movie Awards channel, in the category `Best zlodey`; he did not win, losing to Jack Nicholson.

Despite his success on the international stage, Santoro has not moved to Los Angeles; he likes to live and work in Rio.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Website: Celebrities

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