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Rapist and serial killer Rodney Alcala was sentenced by the State of California Court (California, USA) to death March 31, 2010 for the rape and murder of five women committed them during the period of 1977 -. 1979, but later admitted to other rapes and murders. It is also called killer games dating (The Dating Game Killer) because of his participation in the American TV show `The Dating Game` in 1978. As it turned out at the trial, the killer ` igral` their victims - choked them until they lost consciousness. He waited, and when the victim came to himself by the throat again and again before finally killed. Alcala was a photographer, and investigators discovered he had a collection of hundreds of photographs of women and adolescent boys. The investigation believes that his conscience may be still too many murders committed in California. Alcala also suspected of another in at least two unsolved murders that occurred in New York. Authorities compare it with Ted Bundy (Ted Bundy), nylon killer, and because during the investigation evidence of other killings, and the number of victims will inevitably growing fear that Rodney Alcala (Rodney Alcala) in the end may be in first place on the number of committed rapes and murders in American history.Rodney Alcala was born in the city of San Antonio, Texas (San Antonio, Texas). After his father left the family, Rodney with his mother and sisters moved to the suburb of Los Angeles, where he spent his childhood. When he grew up and matured, in 1960 he decided to make a military career and served four years in the United States Army. And in 1964, afteras an army psychiatrist diagnosed in Alcala antisocial behavior and personality disorder (the diagnosis have written ` nervous sryv`) , the reserve it for medical reasons.

Alcala, who claimed that the IQ is, equal to 170, after his discharge from the Army, graduated from the University of California Los Angeles School of Fine Arts. In 1968 in Los Angeles, a motorist noticed a grown man lured an eight-year girl in his Hollywood apartment and called the police. Raped girl, whose name was Tali Shapiro (Tali Shapiro), was found in the apartment ; she was beaten by a steel bar, but it was saved. Rodney Alcala escaped.He moved to the East Coast and enrolled at New York University under a new name - John Berger (John Berger), where he studied the art of cinema under the direction of Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski.). Study ended, summer came and Alcala got a job in New Hampshire arts camp for children under the slightly modified name.Now, he was John Berger.

Three years have passed and in 1971 the two travelers saw a poster at the post office of the FBI ` Wanted prestupnik`. They learned alkali and said camp director. The offender was arrested and sent back to California. By the time the parents are the first victims of Rodney Alcala, Tali Shapiro ,moved with her daughter to Mexico, and forbade her to testify against him at trial. Being unable to bring charges of rape and attempted murder without the main witness, prosecutors were forced to allow Alcala to plead guilty to minor offenses. After 34 months, he was conditionallyparole with the wording of the designation ` uncertain nakazaniya` measures. It was popular at the time a social program commissions on parole - offenders released as soon as they showed evidence of his ` ispravleniya`.

Alcala Two months later was arrested again for violating the conditions of conditionalparole and trying to attach to the marijuana 13 -year-old girl who later claimed to have been kidnapped. During this offender he received two years, but was again released early under the same program as before. In 1978, he was arrested again, this time for possession of marijuana. At this point, Alcala had already managed to convince many young women that he - a professional fashion photographer and asked them to pose for him for the portfolio. Most of the photos, which he then did still remain unidentified, and police fear that these women may also be its victims. In the same 1978 Rodney Alcala he was able to participate in the TV show `The Dating Game`. With extraordinary intelligence and good looks, Rodney charmed all the women on this show, wittily answering questions. Before his charm could not resist, and the main character of this program by Rodney of the three contenders. True,to go out with him she still refused. Much later, the judicial investigation will return to the material of the show, saying that the girl then unusually lucky - it was a good intuition.

Just a few months after the filming of `The Dating Game`, namely 20 June 1979, missing 12 -year-old girl from Hantington-Beach (Huntington Beach) named Robin Sams (Robin Samsoe). Her semi-decomposed body was found 12 days later in Los Angeles foothills. Subsequently, the police found her earrings belonging to the storage room rented by alkali, in Seattle. Rodney was arrested and in 1980 he was found guilty and sentenced to death for the murder of Sams ,but the charge was rejected by the California Supreme Court. In 1986, Alcala re- tried and convicted, and again sentenced to death. But luck was again on the side of the murderers, and this time the prosecution rejected appellyatsionnaya judging group because the witness was not allowed to support the view of Alcala in that park ranger ,Sams has found the body, it was ` hypnotized by police sledovatelyami`.

In 2003, Rodney Alcala was again subjected to harassment by the authorities - Orange County investigators received new data and found that sperm appear in the affairs of the murder of two women in Los Angeles on DNA analysis is identical to the DNA of Alcala. and other evidence were found and he was charged with the murder of four women. All these crimes Alcala committed in the period from 1977 to 1979.

At trial, Alcala refused counsel and defend himself and I must say, quite successful. But in 2010, the all- courtstill found him guilty of five rapes and murders and 31 March Alcala was sentenced to death for the third time and it is not known whether the offender will be able to once again escape punishment.

Before the trial, in April 2010, the police department announced Huntington Beach 120 photos of women, once made alkali, to find outwhether among them victims of abuse of this maniac. Within a few weeks left for communication phone rang about 20 women who recognize themselves in the image

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