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Date of Birth: 01/21/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Pyatikhatki

Citizenship: Russia

Rodion Nakhapetov. How to live the kind of guy

Author: Julia Shigareva

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Start from scratch

- I`m leaving for America, not because he was going to turn the cinematic world. I knew I was a good actor, but does not know the extent of English to shine on the west screen. As a director, I can make good pictures. But we, directors and actors do not issue certificates, which would read: "You`re a good director." You have to prove it in practice. How? We must first find the money.

And the question is not whether you can open the right door. I can go to the directors of the largest production companies. But they did not decide to give or not to give you money for shooting pictures - a producer function. You have to find a special ... wire or something that will help you become successful. And if your movie will earn a lot of money, all the doors will be opened in the United States before you do. Of course, youth - it`s important, but no less important, and luck.

- Did you find a vein?

- No. Although for the time in 1995 we are with Natasha organized his company, we have made two feature films and three feature-length documentaries. Our company lives may be modest, but honest and decent life.

- You do not hurt that for a while until you conquered America have forgotten your previous merits in Russia?

- And who should I explain who I am? Young? To me it will not work. They already own circle, their stories, their characters, with whom they personify themselves. Even if I went to work in Russia, what would be different? Yes, someone would know that there is a guy with a round face. But I would still starelso his audience.

Happiness Recipe

- When viewed from the side, the picture of life in America, sometimes it turns out is not the most joyful. People knocking on each other, the police for the slightest offense punishes dollar.

- The Americans have quality, which can be annoying. For example, their reticence. At first glance, they are very friendly, but for this affability hides a blank wall. Their first reaction - a smile: "Hi! How are you? "But this does not mean that it is really interesting. And if you want them to open the soul, instantly natolkneshsya failures: "Oh, sorry, I`m in a hurry ..." And - sideways, sideways - the person disappears. If you are satisfied with life in just such superficially amiable relationship, it is best the Americans can not find anyone.

They are traitors and all chattering? No, just trying to protect his life. And it`s not so simple. Now there is, for example, the great controversy - whether in the neighborhoods of private homes to install hidden surveillance cameras. On the one hand - it is protection from burglars, on the other - there is nothing left from their right to privacy. Yes, they are really calling reports. Did well when the shots in Russia has just stopped paying attention?

- Russian in America creates mixed marriages or seeking to preserve the purity of blood? It also said Konchalovsky, that if you want to quickly enter the same in Hollywood, it is necessary only to sleep with the local women.

- Well, Konchalovsky special character ...

I am not going to summarize the experience of immigrants. Those who are left in the 70`s, like, chtobyih children quickly melted into the American environment and become more Americans than Americans themselves. They do not teach the children the Russian language, gave them to the American school, gave them American names and promoted mixed families. It seems to me that these people have lost a lot. It`s a shame and a pity to lose a moment that brought up here, formed over decades.

- Russian to American movies always look unattractive, it is sufficient to recall the role of the same or Kramarova Sichkin.

- Americans are not trying to accurately convey the Russian character because they simply do not know. One stereotype and wanders from film to film. For Americans who are Russian? Mafiosi, cruel and without moral principles. Although now they are portrayed as Arabs and Chinese. They main thing - to build the action, and the easier it will be when the characters, the less will have to explain to the audience, less nuanced come up in the story, but more on the entertainment balk - fighting machine, the house fly in the air.

But today, the image of Russian as a treacherous enemy is not implanted policies may slowly be changed and movies.

- Now Vladimir Mashkov, Valery Nikolaev, Xenia Alferov actively working in Hollywood. Is it possible that they will become the stars of the Hollywood scale?

- I am very well and Valera Nikolaev, and Volodya Mashkov, but the stars they have not already. American stars - are the ones who know. Do not just learn in the face of the street, and accept them as heroes, which I would like to be like. Our all the same expressed primarily Russian character, and he has not yet become the Americans to an extent similar. Perhaps the only Schwarzenegger became a US national star, not being American. Perhaps this will happen more and Mashkov, and Nikolayev, but at their age those heights, which has reached Schwarzenegger, has already achieved quite difficult.

- How you settled in America?

- We have a two-storey house, very comfortable. No pool, but there is a nice garden. Does this high level? For me, in any case, sufficient. My children are also fine. Anna dancing in the Bolshoi Theater, Masha studies in the United States, in a computer school, and the youngest, Kate, writes poems and songs, and also studying at university in America.

- So after all, summing up the conversation, answer: whether to leave the country, or where he was born, and there is amiss?

- There is no universal recipe. Life can be limited to one room, but to be rich, and it is possible to travel around the world and stay alone to despair.

As for me, I went to the woman he loves. I could not imagine life without Natasha, I felt that my place - there, close to her, that we are made for each other. Of course, I would like her to come to Russia. I would like, but at the same time afraid. Natasha, though Russian, born in China, lived in Chile, then moved to the hot California. And here - the cold, and most other people, which can be severe and sometimes rude. And if she did not like Russia, I would have to be torn between the two countries. But she liked it, despite the cold.

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