Roberto Hernandez Rsmirez

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Date of Birth: 1972

Age: 43

Citizenship: Mexico

Mexican philanthropist wide profile

Education Ramirez was in the walls of the Ibero-American University (Ibero-American University); He graduated in 1964 with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

In 1971, Ramirez was one of the founders of `Acciones y Valores de M & # 233; xico`. In 1974, Roberto Ramirez set a record of the Mexican Stock Exchange, becoming the youngest president of the organization, ever on the exchange outputs.

In 1989, Ramirez was appointed president `FICSAC`; This organization raises funds for the construction of a new Ibero-American University.

In 1991, Roberto Ramirez and Alfredo Harp Helu (Alfredo Harp Helu) together bought company `Banamex`; soon it was merged with the already available to the company Ramirez. The result was a financial group `Banamex-Accival`; Ramirez, of course, became a member of the board of directors of the group.

In 1993, Ramirez became the president of the Mexican Scientific Educational Foundation `FUNED`. Four years later, in 1997, Roberto became director of `Bamanex`. A year later, an entrepreneur engaged in a museum case - as the leader of the program `` MUNAL 2000 and as president of a local fund to support higher education institutions.

In 2001, `Banamex-Accival` was sold `Citigroup`; Ramirez in the position, however, is not affected at all - he was appointed on the Board of Directors `Citigroup`. During Roberto Ramirez was able to acquire a number of useful links - in 2002 he entered the International Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Federal Reserve Bank of New York). In 2002, Roberto Ramirez Mze created two new charities.

At the moment, in parallel with the active business and management activities Roberto Ramirez has been all sorts of charity. Particularly intense businessman is sponsoring educational projects, healthcare organizations, and environmental activities. Many Ramirez resources spending and to support the artists - so in 2005 he received the Medal of the New York Society `Hispanic Society` for the support and promotion of Mexican art.

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