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A bachelor`s degree with honors Robert Cherry was in the walls of the University of Michigan (University of Michigan). Focused Cherry on economics, mathematics and philosophy. In 1985, Robert received a Ph.D. - in the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Cherry is considered one of the most outstanding representatives of the behavioral finance school. He studied the market for corporate control and the behavior of the heads of major corporations around the world, privatization and the role of governments in the economy, the behavior of institutional investors, stock exchange trends and the economy of corruption processes.

His work - in many cases, written in collaboration with Andrew Shlayferom (Andrei Shleifer), Rafael LaPorta (Rafael LaPorta) and Joseph Lakonishokom (Josef Lakonishok) - considered one of the most cited papers in economics worldwide.

Behavioral Finance - pretty popular nowadays branch of economic knowledge, dealing with the analysis of decision-making by investors, lenders and borrowers; of particular interest is also paid to the principles of the formation of market prices of various commodities - often very poorly connected with these goods cost and popularity. Robert a lot of attention paid to the factors and causes that have an impact on decision-making in a variety of difficult economic situations; during his studies he used elements of economics, mathematics, sociology and psychology.

Now Cherry headed the corporate finance program of the National Bureau of Economic Research (National Bureau of Economic Research). Back in 1994, Robert Vishny founded - together with the already mentioned Lakonishokom and Shlayferom - project `LSV Asset Management`. This project provides a number of quite useful management services for institutional investors; in the project are used quite interesting investment model, built on the principles of behavioral finance. Cherry is actively cooperating with the company to this day; formally listed among its founders, managers and property agents-managers.