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Date of Birth: 07/14/1931

Age: 64

Place of birth: Shirhempton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Robert Stevens was born on July 14th 1931, in Shirhemptone, Bristol, England (Shirehampton, Bristol). In 1949 he won a scholarship to study in Bradford Public Theater School in Yorkshire (Bradford Civic Theatre School, Yorkshire), where he met fellow student Nora (Nora), the first of its future wife.

For the first time on a professional level, Stevens played in the theater Caryl Jenner (Caryl Jenner Mobile Theatre) in 1951, the year, and then followed by a more complex repertoire of the Royal Theatre in the resort town of Morecambe (Royalty Theatre, Morecambe), and behind it - the new theatrical season with concert tours and work in Preston, Lancashire (Preston, Lancashire). London director Tony Richardson (Tony Richardson) saw the presentation Stevens at the Theatre Royal - and offered to take the actor to prominence in the first season of the Theatre of the English company (English Stage Company) with the non-profit Royal Court Theatre in Kensington (Kensington) and Chelsea (Chelsea) in 1956 th. Robert`s success was assured.

During this time Stevens received several minor roles in movies, including the role of Eskalusa, Prince of Verona (Prince Escalus), the Anglo-Italian melodrama Franco Zeffirelli (Franco Zeffirelli) `Romeo and Dzhuletta` (` Romeo & Juliet)-1968. Robert is also not spared and starring roles, such as `the greatest in the history of syschik` Sherlock Holmes in the thriller Billy Wilder (Billy Wilder)` The Private Life of Sherlock Holmsa` ( `The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes`) 1970 and Sir Hugh Cunningham (Hugo Cunningham) in the sci-fi horror film `Spirit mertvetsa` (` The Asphyx`) 1973.

Stevens and his third wife, actress Maggie Smith (Maggie Smith), starred in a movie together and went on a theater stage, in particular, played a major role vkinoversii statement `The heyday of Miss Jean Brodi` (` The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie`) 1969 th. However, after Robert retired from the National Theatre in 1970, and his marriage broke up in 1973, he experienced a serious decline in his career, which did not help his addiction to booze.

English subject continued to work in the theater; not ceased to act in films, in particular, played the role of Vincent (Vincent) in the drama `Country chudes` (` The Fruit Machine`)-st 1988; and on television in the form of memorable Brown Abner (Abner Brown) in the children`s fantasy series The Magic shkatulka` `(` The Box of Delights`) and a Master`s College Oxford in an episode of `Inspector Mors` ( ??`Inspector Morse`). Still, until the 1990s, he was unable to regain the position as the leading British actor, while the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company) are not invited him to play Sir DzhonaFalstafa (Sir John Falstaff) in the play `Henry IV, Part 1` ( `Henry IV , part 1`), and then a major role in the production of `King Lir` (` King Lear`). For the role of Falstaff Stevens was awarded the theater prize Laurence Olivier (Laurence Olivier Theatre Award) in 1993 in the category `Best akter`.

Total Robert Stevens was married four times. From 1951 to 1952, the second - at Nora-Ann Simmons (Nora Ann Simmons), who bore him a son, Michael Stevens (Michael Stephens). From 1956 to 1967, the second - in the Tarn Bassett (Tarn Bassett), who gave him a daughter. From 1967 to 1974-th - Maggie Smith; the couple had two sons, actors Toby Stephens (Toby Stephens) and Chris Larkin (Chris Larkin). Finally, his fourth wife in 1995 became Patricia Quinn (Patricia Quinn), who starred with him in the TV series `Magic shkatulka`.

Stevens died of cancer 11 months after initiation into the Knights, at the age of 64 years.

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