Robert Oliver Reed

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Date of Birth: 02/13/1938

Age: 61

Place of birth: Wimbledon

Citizenship: Malta


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Following the example of his real life macho Oliver created the on-screen image of the `steep parnya`. The list of films with his participation included Kapkan` melodrama `(` The Trap`) and `Lovers zhenschiny` (` Women in Love`), kinomyuzikl `Oliver!` ( `Oliver!`), Insurgent `Hannibal Bruks` (` Hannibal Brooks`), adventure `Three mushketera` (` The Three Musketeers`) and many others. al.

Robert Oliver Reed (Robert Oliver Reed) was born on February 13th 1938 in Wimbledon, London (Wimbledon, London). Son of a sports journalist Peter Reed (Peter Reed) and his wife, Marsha Andrews (Marcia Andrews); nephew of film director Sir Carol Reed (Carol Reed) and the grandson of actor and director Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (Herbert Beerbohm Tree). Oliver attended the independent school for boys Castle Ewell in Surrey (Ewell Castle School, Surrey).

Once in the ranks of the British Army, Reed served in the Medical Corps, and began a theatrical career, in the 1950s and extending into the film industry. Robert had no acting education, no theatrical experience, so at first he agreed to any role without delving into their artistic value.

London taught starred in the comedy `Mr. Pitkin in the rear vraga` ( `The Square Peg`) of 1958 Uisdomom Norman (Norman Wisdom), and then once again share the stage with Uisdomom another classic comedy,` Mr. Pitkin: Breed buldog` ( `The Bulldog Breed`)-th 1960. His first notable roles in Oliver earned such films as `Sword of Sherwood lesa` (` Sword of Sherwood Forest`), `Two Faces of Dr. Dzhekila` (` The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll`), `Captain Klegg` (` Captain Clegg`) and `Curse oborotnya` (` the Curse of the Werewolf`).

Reed was the star in the ensemble horror film `Paranoik` (` Paranoiac`) and fantastic drama Proklyatye` `(` The Damned`), and in 1964 appeared in the first of six films made by director Michael Winner (Michael Winner), drama Sistema` `(` The system`). Oliver first collaborated with director Ken Russell (Ken Russell) in his telebayopike `Monitor: The Debussy Film` 1965, and then played by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Dante Gabriel Rossetti) in the television movie `Hell Dante` Russell (` Dante`s Inferno` ) st 1967.

Actor thought that could well play the role of James Bond (James Bond). In 1969, the franchise producers Albert R. Broccoli (Albert R. Broccoli) and Harry Saltzman (Harry Saltzman), were looking for a replacement Sean Connery (Sean Connery). Reed, who played at that time ingenious killer in action movie `Office ubiystv` ( `The Assassination Bureau`), was mentioned in the replacement as a potential candidate. However, it has not chosen a new Bond, but after his death the British site `Guardian Unlimited` called the decision` one of the biggest missed opportunities in the history of post-war English kino`.

Since 1980, the popularity of Reed slept. The last most successful paintings with his participation became `fantasy The Adventures of Baron Myunhgauzena` (` The Adventures of Baron Munchausen`) directed by Terry Gilliam (Terry Gilliam); telefilm `sokrovisch` Island (` Treasure Island`) 1990, where Oliver played Captain Billy Bones (Billy Bones); and dramediya Chelsoma Peter (Peter Chelsom) `Jokes storonu` (` Funny Bones`)-th 1995.

The latter role on screen, Oliver received a `oskaronosnom` action movie by Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott`)` Gladiator` ( `Gladiator`), which also starred Richard Harris (Richard Harris), whom Reid simply admired as an actor and a person. The film was released in rent after Oliver`s death, and the British Academy (British Academy) posthumously nominated actor prize Nasva.

In 1959, Reed married Kate Byrne (Kate Byrne), gave him a son, Mark (Mark), before the couple divorced in 1969. By the end of filming the movie `Oliver!` Actor twisted romance with dancer Jackie Daryl (Jacquie Daryl), who bore him a daughter, Sarah (Sarah). In 1985, he married Josephine Burge (Josephine Burge), leaving her husband until his death.

Oliver was known for his addiction to alcohol. There is a story about how the actor together with 36 friends for one night drank almost 230 l. beer, 32 bottles of Scotch, 17 bottles of gin, 4 boxes of wine and one bottle of low-alcohol `Babycham`. After that, the story has been revised, and Reid said that drank 60 liters in two days. beer before he married Josephine. In 1963, he got into a fight in a bar, and he stamped on the face of 36 stitches. Scar was an actor for life.

61-year-old Oliver Reed died of a heart attack during a break from filming the movie `Gladiator`. At the time of his death, he was pretty drunk, paying for an outdoor party in a bar about 450 pounds. Subsequently, the bar was called `Ollie`s Last Pub`. At the funeral of the actor voiced song `Consider Yourself` from the movie` Oliver! `.

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