Robert Mearns Yerkes

Picture of Robert Mearns Yerkes

Date of Birth: 05/26/1876

Age: 79

Place of birth: Bredisvill

Citizenship: United States


Yerkes, Robert Mearns (Yerkes, Robert Mearns) (1876-1956), American psychologist. Born in Bredisville (sht. PA) May 26, 1876, he was educated at the University of Ursinus and at Harvard (where he received his Ph.D. in 1902). The taught at Harvard University for 15 years, was a professor at the University of Minnesota (1917-1919). Until 1924 remained predsedateleminformatsionnogo department of the National Research Council. Then he became a professor of psychology at Yale University, where he headed (until his retirement in 1941) biology laboratory primates (now the Yerkes Laboratory) in Orange Park (FL sht.). In 1944, Yerkes became an honorary professor of psychobiology at Yale University. The fame was due to his experimental studies of great apes. Among his books - Dancing Mouse, the study of animal behavior (The Dancing Mouse, a Study in Animal Behavior, 1907), Introduction to Psychology (Introduction to Psychology, 1911), published in co-authorship in 1915 and revised in 1923. The scale of measurement of intellectual abilities (A Point-scale for Measuring Mental Abilities), psychic life of monkeys, including apes (The Mental life of monkeys and apes, 1916), Almost people (Almost Human, 1925), Mind Gorilla (The Mind of a Gorilla, 1927) published in collaboration with the Great Ape A.U.Yerks book (The Great Apes, 1929), Laboratory chimpanzee colony (chimpanzees, a Laboratory colony, 1943). Yerkes died in New Haven (Conn.) February 3, 1956.