Robert M Bowman

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Age: 81

Citizenship: United States


Robert Bowman, former director of project development of advanced space program at the US Air Force Times presidents Ford and Carter and former Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force with one hundred combat missions in a row. He holds the degree of Candidate of Sciences Aviation and Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering; I received this degree at the California Institute of Technology.

Bowman also actively engaged in religion. His son, Robert Bowman, Jr., is a prominent American theologian; he Bowman Sr. still serves as archbishop in the United Catholic Church, `independent fraternity katolikov`, created in 1996 and is closely associated with the Old Catholic Church. In addition, Bowman is the executive director of the Christian Society Support.

Despite the close relationship with the space program and the defense system of the country, Robert from the beginning of the active exposed publicly criticized the draft Strategic Defense Initiative (Strategic Defense Initiative, the so-called `` Star Wars), it came about that in the days of Ronald Reagan. The program `News Hour McNeill-Lehrer `(` The MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour `) Bowman described the project as a whole` absolute military lunacy, easily breakable and utterly vulnerable`. Later, Robert founded the Institute for Space and Defense Studies and the associated printing project `news space and security` ( `Space & Security News`); In addition, he has written two books on the themes of the Strategic Defense Iniatsiativy. Bowman also was a staunch opponent of SDI branches of the National Missile Defense, invented during the time of President Bush.

A few years Bowman actively cooperate with the Veterans for `` mir` and Vietnam veterans against voyny`; He often acted as a representative of these movements. For a while Robert was even a member of the Peace Commission in Washington.

In 2000 Bowman arranged by appointment at national level campaign him for the post of representative of the Party of the United States reformers in the upcoming presidential election. According to some reports, he made much better final winner, Pat Buchanan, but lost to John Hagelin. On the primary presidential election in California, Robert was the third of five candidates of the Party reformers, giving Donald Trump and John Anderson.

For a while Bowman was considered one of the main competitors of John Hagelin, to expose himself as a presidential candidate from the Party of Natural Law and one of the main candidates from the Party of Reformation. Many saw him a prime candidate for the post of vice-president, but then he walked Nat GoldhabeV 2004th Bowman again tried to run for president, but in the end he beat John Kelly. In 2005, Robert traveled around the country on the invitation of friends; many considered this trip a farewell tour, because at that time Bowman lost in a hard struggle with lymphoma.

The 2006th Robert collected signatures for the nomination of his candidacy for Congress as a representative of the Democratic Party. On the same spot claimed Democrat Timothy Shayp, but he was unable to pass on all the requirements and it was out of the race. H Shayp currently operates in the Democratic Party of Florida, on the old site Bowman. In September 2006, Bowman won primaries and became the official candidate of the party.

In October 2008, Robert participated in the election campaign of the candidate for Congress Kevin Barrett; in the end he scored only two percent of the vote.

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