Robert Gibbs

Picture of Robert Gibbs

Date of Birth: 03/29/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Auburn, Alabama

Citizenship: United States


Robert Lane Gibbs born March 29, 1971, in Auburn, Alabama. His parents, Robert (Robert) and Nancy (Nancy) Gibbs worked at Auburn University library. Nancy with childhood attracted to his son to politics: instead of leaving him and his younger brother John (John) with the nurse, she took them to the League of Women Voters meeting (League of Women Voters). Robert`s mother showed the work of the court and the polling stations, from childhood accustomed to political discussions.

Gibbs studied at Auburn city schools took part in the senior classes in the school of political debate. One day in 1988, he even volunteered to defend debates contrary to their beliefs opinion that George HW Bush was to be elected US president. Gibbs graduated from high school in 1989 and enrolled at the University of North Carolina (North Carolina State University). From 1990 to 1992, Gibbs played university football team NC State Wolfpack at the goalkeeper position, though, by his own admission, a total he played the entire 45 minutes. After graduation, Gibbs received his diploma with honors in Political Science.

Gibbs political career began in the University, becoming an assistant-trainee Democratic Congressman Glen Browder (Glen Browder). Soon, he was appointed executive assistant Browder in Washington, he worked in 1996 on the next election campaign his boss, but those elections Democrat lost. In 1997, Gibbs worked as press secretary to Congressman Bob Ethridge (Bob Etheridge) and then became a representative Ernest Hollings (Ernest Hollings) during his 1998 election campaign.

Gibbs was press secretary to several senators, and then became director of the committee of the US Democratic Party public relations for the elections to the Senate and in 2003 became the press secretary of the candidate for US presidents from Democratic John Kerry (John Kerry) but resigned over a year before the elections, in protest against the dismissal of the head of Kerry`s campaign - Jim Jordan (Jim Jordan). However, Gibbs continued to collaborate with Kerry, becoming the representative who supported his movement "Americans for jobs, health care and progressive values" (Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values). The fame got propaganda videos of the movement against the other Democratic candidate - Howard Dean (Howard Dean).

In 2004, Gibbs joined the senatorial campaign of Barack Obama. After winning the election in Illinois, Obama appointed Gibbs his political adviser. It is believed that Gibbs was the most influential aide, surrounded by African-American senator. In 2007, when Obama decided to run for US president, Gibbs became director of its public relations campaign. According to Browder, thanks to Gibbs, who during the campaign almost did not leave the candidate a step Obama could win the sympathy of the white voters without losing the support of black. The press noted that Gibbs was a staunch supporter of Obama and stopped working with journalists who spoke out against this candidate. November 4, 2008, Obama won the election, and a few days later, sources in the Democratic Party reported that Gibbs will take the post of press secretary of the White House after January 20, 2009 Obama takes office. Gibbs Choice nominations for the post was officially confirmed by Obama at the end of November.

Gibbs is married and his wife named Mary Catherine (Mary Catherine), she works as a lawyer. They have a son Eten (Ethan). Gibbs enjoys football. It is known that he and his wife donated money to the scholarship fund of Alexandria association gay and lesbian communities.