Robert Fry Engle

Picture of Robert Fry Engle

Date of Birth: 10/11/1942

Age: 74

Place of birth: Cirakyus

Citizenship: United States


Ingle was born in Syracuse, New York (Syracuse, New York); Williams College (Williams College), he graduated with a bachelor`s degree in physics. Later, Robert was at first a master`s degree in physics, and then - a PhD in economics; Ingle continued his studies at Cornell University (Cornell University). After receiving his PhD, Robert was a professor of economics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); He held this post from 1969 to 1977-th. In 1975, Ingle was appointed to the University of California San Diego (University of California, San Diego); thence he retired in 2003. Currently, Robert is a professor emeritus and research professor at the University of California.

Robert had a chance for a while to teach at New York University (New York University) - where he served as a professor at the Financial Services Authority and preparing for the Masters program `` risk management; By the way, the last program enjoyed such success that Ingle even invited to the Amsterdam Institute of Finance (Amsterdam Institute of Finance).

Ingle major contribution to economic theory was his discovery of innovative analysis methods unpredictable processes in the financial markets and interest rates. For effective risk analysis it was incredibly important to accurately predict the seemingly uncontrollable processes. Previous researchers have ever used in their calculations constant values, or resorted to a rather primitive patterns approach. New statistical models Ingle helped achieve a hitherto unprecedented accuracy in the analysis of economic processes with alternating periods of high and low volatility; Now these models are considered to be essential tools of research in the theory and practice of pricing.

Not so long ago Ingle, in company with Gizelsom Eric (Eric Ghysels), founded the Society of Financial econometricians (Society for Financial Econometrics).