Robert Charles Gleason Jr

Picture of Robert Charles Gleason Jr

Age: 42

Citizenship: United States

executed criminals maintained his penalty

It is noteworthy that the offender has already killed two of his fellow prisoners, demanding to execute him for quite some time ago, and even threatened to continue killing, if they do not condemned to death as soon as possible.

So, after the death sentence Gleason refused to file a petition for clemency, saying that the verdict agree and deserves the death penalty. His court-appointed lawyer, however, insisted that the accused, who had spent a long time in solitary confinement, is not in a position to making vital decisions. Thus, the defense insisted on psychiatric test, which would have delayed the execution of the sentence.

Despite the arguments of counsel, the decision on the sentence was handed down, and Robert Charles Gleason Jr. It was executed January 15, 2013 in the electric chair. The last words were concluded: `Kiss my ass`.

His life (life imprisonment) he was serving for the murder, and in 2009 he tied sheets strangled another inmate. By the way, in court documents there is evidence that before the murder, Robert long mocked his victim - bound 63-year-old Harvey Watson (Harvey Watson).

In 2010 he killed another inmate, 26-year-old Aaron Cooper (Aaron A. Cooper). It was after this second murder Gleason said it will continue to kill if he is to lead to the death sentence. However, he refused a lawyer.

Robert Charles Gleason Jr. the first executed in the US in 2013. Generally, Virginia is one of nine US states where the death penalty is carried out by means of an electric current or lethal injection. The last execution in the electric chair in Virginia took place in March 2010, and in general over the past year 43 criminal were executed in the United States.