Robert Burke

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Date of Birth: 06/05/1820

Age: 41

Place of Birth: County Galway

Nationality: Iceland

The expedition of Burke and Stewart

Robert Burke was born on the 6th May 1820, the year in Ireland, in County Galway - in the family, which has raised two sons and two daughters.

In 1835, the year Robert entered the Royal Military Academy, and after - went on to study in Belgium. When he was twenty years old, the future discoverer went to serve in the Austrian army and in 1842 was promoted to the rank. Most of the time Burke served, but often began and severely ill and so was forced to leave the service in 1948, the year.

In the same year Robert Burke returned to Ireland and began to work at the Royal Police. After about five years of future researchers he emigrated to Australia and on arrival in Melbourne decided there and then to get a job, which he did, again becoming a police officer.

In 1860, the year Robert Burke took part in the research and - as it later would be - the fatal expedition. Th 19 men went to Australia to study - on the 27 camels and 23 horses ex. The journey was going to be dangerous. And so it happened. The participants came to experience a large number of challenges - overcoming hunger, cold and deprivation. Odnakovse it was still half woes. In a way, people not only suffered, but died. The danger of the campaign found their end many brave men - including Robert Burke.

Irish explorer did not immediately give up - as, indeed, most of the participants traveling. In practice, it became clear that travelers expect many difficulties from the very first day. They moved on marshy unfamiliar places, their animals are not kept long and arduous journey and died one after the other. Food ended earlier than expected, and marshrutokazalsya extremely complex and did not correspond to the intended path. A special role was played by the relations within the team, which was far from friendly - inside her grew conflict and anger.

Robert Burke managed to survive quite a long time. He believed that the rescue mission will certainly save him and his friends, but that did not happen. Robert Burke died from the cold, and not waiting for assistance.

Anyway, the name of Robert Burke remained in the memory of those who are interested in the history of the continent, as well as - most stories of courageous people.

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