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Date of birth: 03.05.1965

Age: 51

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Robert Brydon Jones, better known as Rob Brydon - Welsh actor, comedian and radio host, a BAFTA nominee. Best known for his role as Keith Barret in the BBC comedy Marion and Dzheoff` `(` Marion and Geoff`) and its spin-off, `Show Barreta` China (` The Keith Barret Show`). In 2003 it was named Brydon magazine `The Observer`` one of the fifty funniest comedians Britanii`.

Robert`s mother was a teacher and his father sold cars. Ross Brydon in Beglene, Port Talbot, Wales; still in school, he became interested in the actor`s craft, and even became a member of the local company.

Higher education Brydon received at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff; He left his studies in twenty years, in order to work on the `Radio Wales`. It is with the radio and began a career of Rob - he worked as a DJ and led Saturday morning show from Welsh comedian Pete Walker Park. At the same vset `Radio Wales` - Brydon worked there for six years - he was a big music program.

Brydon became famous as a voice actor. His voice expressed themselves characters of classic computer games on the works of Terry Pratchett series of `Flat Mir`; I had a chance to give him their vote and a number of commercials - `Renault`,` Tango`, `The Times`,` Tesco` and many others. In the computer game `Discworld Noir` - another` kompyuterizatsii` books Pratchett - Brydon voiced protagonist, detective Lewton.

In the early nineties, Rob began to look for small roles in major films and serials. After some time, he succeeded in his quest - In 2000 he was able to get right in the two projects. The first was filmed on the script Julia Davis series `Human Remains`, and the second - quite successful in commercial terms` comedy Marion and Dzheoff`. From this point Rob notice; the role started to get it where it is easier. In 2005, Brydon played theater critic Kenneth Tynan in the film `Kenneth Tynan: Recognizing Zhestkost` (` Kenneth Tynan: In Praise of Hardcore`).

Having played in the West Breen written by Ruth Jones and James Cordon `Gavin and Steysi` (` Gavin and Stacey`), Robert returned to his Welsh roots. It was in this role Brydon has worked in the charitable project `Comic Relief` of 2009, the recording of` Island in the Stream`; company he was Ruth Jones and singer Tom Jones. The single reached number one in the British singles charts 15 March 2009. June 26, 2009, the actor tweeted a message saying that he starred in the third season of `Gavin and Steysi`.

Soaps teledeyatelnost Brydon is not limited; from 2006 to the present day he has been active in a number of game shows.

The 2009th Rob traveled around the country with a series of performances in the style of stand-up. It was his first concert tour as Rob Brydon; He previously worked under other pseudonyms.

October 6, 2006, he married Claire Brydon Holland, a former producer of the program `South Bank Show`. The ceremony was held in the Church of Windsor. The couple lives in Strawberry Hill in the London district of Richmond. In April of 2008 they had a son. At Brydon also has two daughters - 1994 and 1999 years of birth and the son of 1996 was born from his first marriage.

Rob, along with Claudia Vinklman played on the TV quiz `Jimmy Carr`s Big Fat End of Year Quiz 2009`; throughout the program presenter and the other participants actively pretended Vinklman Brydon and are in their first year of marriage. I joke that he started Brydon, with the consent of Claudia.

Rob likes to play golf; also a lot of time he devotes football - his favorite team is the `Swansea City`.

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