Rick Van Beek

Picture of Rick Van Beek

Citizenship: United States

The history of the heroic father

In 13-year-old Madison Van Beek terrible disease found in early childhood; alas, it specifically in the case of `limit vozmozhnostey` was extremely small - the girl stopped in development at the level of a three-month infant. All the more impressive, however, the reaction is as the girl`s father, 39-year-old Rick van Beek - he not only did not give up his daughter, but also has done everything in its power so that she felt as well as possible. It is thanks to Rick Madison active way of taking part in sports competitions at the local level. How is it possible to a girl who is going and some really can not? Father literally carries it through all distances.

The final match, which was attended by Maddy Van Beek has become a local level triathlon tournament. The competition included a swim in the third of a mile (about 500metrov), cyclocross 12.4 miles (about 20 kilometers) and the race at 3.1 miles (about 5 kilometers). The aqueous distance Madison overcame kayak - which is towed through the water surface, of course, Rick. During cycling Maddy sat in a special trolley to attach to his father`s bicycle; treadmill girl captivated in a special wheelchair.

What makes Van Beek daughter output of all these contests? Did he hide in the depths of the soul of hope that someday Maddy able to participate in the triathlon itself? It is possible that such a hope is Rick; officially, but he explains his actions much simpler - Maddy loves to spend time outdoors. The sound of the surf and the wind in your hair and on her face, fresh air - all this is very, very uplifting mood Madison; good mood daughters - everything that Rick can dream.

Unfortunately, love Maddy Van Beek to `active otdyhu` - one of the few things that van Beek knows about it. The day when doctors diagnosed two months at the time Madison terrible diagnosis was one of the worst in the life of Van Beek. For a long time Van Beek saw the world in a very black colors; everything changed after the girl totally accidentally hit on his first sporting event. It happened four years ago; Maddie then had a chance to take part in the marathon. The father realized what he will in the future, almost saw the shining face of happiness daughter.

Shortly after this fateful day Rick van Beek gave up smoking and chewing tobacco; the image of his life has undergone extraordinary changes. Of course, to get used to a new mode of existence was not immediately apparent; Costa Rica, however, the difficulties are not confused at all. Gradually muzhchinasumel lose weight, to arrange the order of the weakened muscles and return light in the form of a smoker with his experience should not be a dream.

Since then Madison and Rick had to take part in 70 competitions of different levels - and stop van Beek senior clearly not going to.

About the heroic father and his daughter know not only local - Rick van Beek and Maddy are known far beyond the city. His performances van Beek uses, among other things, to raise funds for various charitable projects; however, the money is that it does play a role, not far from the first. Example van Beek gave many thing that money just can not buy - a self-confidence and unwillingness to give up before the blows of evil fate; Rick was able to make the world a much better - and it`s all he did for the sake of his beloved daughter`s smile.