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Date of Birth: 07/12/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Pocklington

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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British comedian and writer Richard Keith Herring was born on July 12th 1967, in Pocklington, Yorkshire, grew up in Cheddar, Somerset. Herring graduated from Oxford St. Catherine`s College, where he wrote and performed with comedy troupe known as `Seven Raymonds`, and was the favorite comedy group` Oxford Revue` at the Edinburgh Festival `Fringe`.

However, Andrew Collins has worked on comic comedy radioserialom `Banter` on radio station BBC Radio 4, as well as on the podcast` Collings and Herrin`. In the 2000s, Richard toured almost every year with their new `stand-up kamedi` show, the last of which was the show `Mustache Gitlera`, turned into a subject of much debate. However, the universal critical acclaim and sold out tickets for the Edinburgh Festival said more than negative responses towards the show.

Together with Stewart Lee British author wrote material for the radio program `On the Hour` 1991, particularly for Chris Morris and Armando Iannuchchi. During this period, the duo began to develop a non-existent character Alan Partridge Gordon, a parody of sports commentators and talk show hosts. The image of Alan perfectly conveyed the English comedian Steve Coogan. In 2002, Herring played a role Renchard webcast in `Real Time` British science fiction series Doctor` Kto`, while Stewart played Carrie in it.

Herring was the co-author and a leading sketch show `That Was Then, This Is Now` on Radio 2, I wrote the television sitcom` Time Gentlemen Please`, produced and starred in it, while Stewart Lee script editor made for the show. Then he and Richard took this position, helping the popular television series `Your Britasha`.

In late November 2002, Herring began blogging `Warming Up`. He regularly update it often, even daily. It is supposed that his regular readers are more than 3 thousand. Some ideas from the blog he used at the Edinburgh show: in 2005 for `Someone Likes Yoghurt`, in 2006 for` M & # 233; nage & # 224; Un` and in 2007 for `Oh Fuck, I`m 40!`.

For the new television comedy `You Can Choose Your Friends` Herring made a screenwriter and actor, playing together with Anton Rodgers, Julia McKenzie, Gordon Kennedy, Claire Skinner, Rebecca Front and Sarah-Jane Potts. lyrics Phil Jupitus Also Herring wrote that reading them behind the scenes of the British comedy program `Batteries Not Included`, which exhibited the most bizarre gadgets in the world.

British comedian specifically does not apply to his love. According to the British newspaper `The Daily telegraf`, he was seen in an actress by the name of Julia Sawalha. Oxford had received education comedian once gave the following gag: `My ideal woman - the head and the body of Julia Sawalha Julia Savalha`. When Stewart said that it would be easier to say that Richard is the ideal itself Julia Sawalha, who said: `No, Stu, you`re not listening. I said: the head and the body of Julia Sawalha Julia Sawalha. I did not say anything about what they should be connected to each drugom`.

Herring supports English football club `York City FC`.

On the first of December 2009, Richard Herring lives with his girlfriend, whose name has not yet been made public, but later learned that it was his colleague in the shop - another comedian.

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