Richard Greene

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Date of Birth: 08/25/1918

Age: 66

Place of birth: Plymouth

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Who played Robin Hood in 1950

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Richard Greene throughout his career more than just lucky with the roles of bully, bullies and reckless; get used to such a way of Greene failed once, but this role he also took over time. One of these roles - the legendary noble robber Robin Hood - and has become a real crown of Green`s career.

Some sources claim that Green has to descendant William Freese Green (William Friese-Greene) - inventor, played a role in the development of cinema; This assertion, however, is only a myth. Richard Green was born in the Irish-Scottish family in Plymouth, Devon (Plymouth, Devon, England). Acting in the case of the Green was literally the blood - four generations of his ancestors were on the stage.

For some time, Richard was in Kensington, London (Kensington, London); at 18, he left his studies and concentrate on acting. Pervuyusvoyu role - Lancer from Shakespeare`s Julius Tsezar` `(` Julius Caesar`) - Green played in 1933. Outstanding external data helped Richard get extra income - a young man found a job in the fashion industry.

In 1936, Green joined the troupe Dzhevan Brandon (Jevan Brandon). In the same year, Richard played the first really successful role - in the comedy Terrence Rettig `French without slez` (` French Without Tears`). On a talented actor noticed Alexander Korda (Alexander Korda) and Darryl Zanuck (Darryl F. Zanuck). In 20 years, Richard was in the `20th Century Fox`; His first role - in the film John Ford (John Ford) `Four Men and a Prayer` - have had great success. Especially the young actor came to taste women - after the release of the film in the light fans are literally bombarded with letters Green; at some point in his popularity could even compete with the popularity of the main star `Fox`, Tyrone Power (Tyrone Power).

In 1939, Greene played Henry Baskerville (Sir Henry Baskerville) in the film `The dog Baskerviley` (` The Hound of the Baskervilles`); this film is remembered also as the first collaboration of Basil Rathbone (Basil Rathbone) and Nigel Bruce (Nigel Bruce) - who played, respectively, Holmes and Watson.

During the Second World Green went to serve in the cavalry; He has proved quite a brave warrior Richard. In 1942 Richard was released from service - his acting talents needed British propaganda system; finally discharged Green was in December 1944.

Alas, after the war to return to their former popularity, Richard could not - did not help even the comparative success of the film 1947 `Amber navsegda` ( `Forever Amber`). After a series of not very successful roles (mostly dashing revelers, bullies and bullies) Green threw a shooting in a movie, in order to concentrate on the stage and television projects. The heavy divorce from Patricia Medina (Patricia Medina), where the actor lived with married from 1941 to 1951-th, Green left literally bankrupt; Richard rescued - and his stage career - the series` The Adventures of Robin Guda`. The success of the series has solved all the financial problems of the actor and again made him a star.

In the 50`s in Green began an affair with Nancy Oakes (Nancy Oakes), heiress magnate Harry Oakes (Sir Harry Oakes). After the show the actor bought an estate in Ireland, where he settled in the company of his new wife - Brazilian Beatriz Summers (Beatriz Summers). By acting craft Greene almost did not come back, giving all his time to numerous hobbies. In 1980, Richard was divorced for the second time. In 1982, the actor discovered a brain tumor; Green underwent surgery, but from the disease never recovered. Richard Green, died June 1, 1985-th.

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