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Date of Birth: 03/12/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Uipps Cross

Citizenship: United Kingdom

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Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Born in Ayoade Uipps Cross, London (Whipps Cross, London); He was the only child of the Norwegians and the Nigerian. Later, Richard`s family moved to Ipswich, Suffolk (Ipswich, Suffolk); it is in Ipswich Ayoade went to college. Richard continued his studies in the College, Cambridge (St Catharine`s College, Cambridge); When he was in his student Richard won the award for the staging and the whole year served as president of the legendary student theater `Footlights`. Execution of presidential duties Richard combined with active participation in the work of the theater; He performed regularly both as an actor and as a writer.

Work on the project scenario `fear Garth Knight Marengi` (` Garth Marenghi`s Fright Knight`) Ayoade began with their friends `Footlights` Matthew Holness (Matthew Holness). In 2001, work on the continuation of the project brought Richard premium `Perrier Comedy`.

In 2004 Ayoade Holness and sent them fictional Garth Marenghi on TV - on Channel 4; it was there that he saw the light parody thriller `Cloister Garth Marengi` darkness. Ayoade not only acted as the director of the series, but also played a role.

October 23, 2001 th Richard Ayoade played a role in one of the episodes of the radio `The Boosh`. Subsequently, a Radio moved to television; Alas, Richard himself to take part in the shooting could not - at that time he was engaged in another project. Ayoade played in the pilot edition of the series, and then gave way to his colleague on the `Abode tmy` (and later - and` Kompyuterschikam`) Matt Berry (Matt Berry). In the second season, Richard did return to the show in the way of the shaman Sabu; onesche later I returned several times to the screen as Sabu and took an active part in work on scenarios.

Real glory Richard Ayoade brought the role of Maurice Moss (Maurice Moss) in the comedy series `Kompyuterschiki`. The series proved to be the relatively small - to the present moment came just a 4 season 6 episodes each; however, its success considerable waiting. In 2009, Maurice Moss Ayoade played in the pilot issue of the American version of the series; however, this version of British success is not repeated - in fact, only one pilot issue of business and limited.

In 2010, Richard Ayoade made his debut as a director of full-length feature film; picture Submarina` `(` Submarine`) filmed them was based on the eponymous work Dantorna Joe (Joe Dunthorne). Ayoade directorial debut was released at the International Film Festival in Toronto (Toronto International Film Festival); We took him there quite warm. Later, the picture came out in wide release in North America (North America); was followed by a demonstration at the Film Festival in London (London) and the UK rental (Great Britain).

`Submarina` became the first feature-length directorial work Ayoade, but on smaller projects, he has worked in the past - especially a lot in his kitty clips orchestrated a variety of musical performers.

In 2012, Richard Ayoade starred with Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller), Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn) and John Hill (Jonah Hill) in the comedy `Druzhinniki` (` The Watch`). Soon the screens will Dvoynik` comedy `(` Double`), in which Richard will act in the capacity of director.

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