Richard Briers

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Date of Birth: 01/14/1934

Age: 79

Place of birth: Raynes Park

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Born in Brayers Raines Park, Surrey (Raynes Park, Surrey), in the family of Joseph Benjamin Brayersa (Joseph Benjamin Briers) and Morne Phillies (Morna Phyllis). Richard`s mother dreamed of a career in show business; She was extremely talented pianist and a highly qualified teacher of dramatic art and music.

Brayers left school at age 16 - and no passport, he had not given. For a while he worked as a clerk in the London-based company, engaged in the production of cables; parallel Richard studied electrical engineering at night school. At age 18, Richard was drafted; Brayers in the Royal Air Force was also engaged mainly paper cases. It was in the army Brayers met with actor Brian Murphy (Brian Murphy); It helps him to establish contacts in the local drama society politehnicheskogoinstituta. Later Brayers even played in several productions of this society.

After the army, Richard entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art); He studied there for two years. After graduating from the Academy with a silver medal, Richard received a scholarship of one of the theater company of Liverpool (Liverpool).

For the first time flashed on the TV screen by Richard in 1961 - he got the male lead in the film `Marriage Lines`. Real glory, however, was brought to him other roles - like Tom Goode (Tom Good) from the TV series `The Good Life`. This series came with the first 1975 to 1978 minutes and enjoyed incredible success.

In the 80s and 90s also Brayersu ever played leading roles in various television projects.

The huge success of Richard Brayersa on television did not change the fact that the main field of application for the acting ability for it always remained a theatrical stage. Brayersu had a chance to play in a large number of productions from the works of William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare) and Shaw (George Bernard Shaw).

After successful work in the television series Brayers decided to return to the stage; he began, with all of the same Shakespeare - with the help of Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh), Richard got the role in `Twelfth noch` (` Twelfth Night`) and `King Lir` (` King Lear`). Brayers later played in the film version of Shakespeare`s works - all taken by the same Branagh; in 1989 he played Bardolph (Bardolph) in Henry `V` (` Henry V`), in 1993 - the lord Leonato (Leonato) in `Much Ado nichego` (` Much Ado About Nothing`), and 1996 - Polonia (Polonius) in Gamlet` `(` Hamlet`).

Pervuyusvoyu Brayers film role played by the way, back in 1960.

He became famous Richard Brayers and a voice actor. First and foremost in this capacity, he was known for a number of commercials; however, and the voice of the young generation representatives Richard knew well - the actor has worked on the dubbing of a number of children`s television productions.

In 1989 Brayers was presented the Order of the British Empire (Order of British Empire); in 2003 he became the Commander of the Order.

In an interview with `The Daily Mail` January 31, 2013, Braeyrs said that in his life had to smoke about half a million cigarettes. Quit Smoking Richard in 2003, but its harmful effects tobacco put him in time - in 2008 at Brayersa found emphysema.

Richard died Brayers February 17 2013th; at the time of his death he was 79 years old.

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