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One of the top-notch Western analysts, the leading expert on Wall Street (according to the world-renowned business magazine Forbes, which ranked Richard to the category of the most popular and talented analysts of the American business world).

Richard Bove considered consummate analyst working in the field of investment, securities and banking.

Currently, Richard is involved in the control of the company over the course of Punk Ziegel & Co. - A large investment company, which is engaged in the placement of shares, provides a variety of financial services and advice, carries out merger and acquisition, as well - is involved in a variety of other areas. Company Punk Ziegel & Co.byla founded in 1990. (previously called Punk, Ziegel & Knoell) and has been continuously improved, constantly increasing income and enhancing reputation. Analyst Bove in it - an essential component.

Richard Bove appeared in the financial world (in banks and securities) in 1965, the year. Today, like other analysts on Wall Street, in the course of their own activities Richard uses complex models, algorithms and patterns that are perfect "work" in the financial sector. Of course, the important factor is extremely competent analysis and accurate forecasts (according to Bowie, as well as other specialists base region) is common sense and taking into account macro-economic trends. All of this is considered to be an essential condition for the correct ratings.

Speaking about the financial position of the banking companies and predicting their potential position, Richard Bowie recommends investors buy shares or bonds issued by the exceptionally strong financial enterprises. Such organizations include the world-renowned bank Bank of America and the company Wells Fargo (one of the biggest organizations, which provides customers with superior insurance and financial services, using its own model of diversification activities).

A pragmatic and reasonable analyst Richard Bowie different from other professionals on Wall Street optimistic own judgments. He believes that the US economy - a sea of ??possibilities and ways of competent investment.

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