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Date of Birth: 06/18/1917

Age: 53

Place of birth: Los Angeles

Citizenship: Portugal


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Boone was born in Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California); he was the son of an average corporate lawyer Kirk Boone (Kirk E. Boone) and his wife Cecile (Cecile). Father Richard was a descendant of the legendary American first settlers of Daniel Boone (Daniel Boone), her mother also came from a kind of Russian Jews.

Boone graduated from the School in Glendale, California (Glendale, California); Higher education he received in the walls of Stanford University (Stanford University) in Palo Alto, California (Palo Alto, California). Richard did not finish their studies; while he dabbled in various fields - Boone managed to stay bartender, painter, writer, and oil producer.

In 1941, Richard got a job in the US Navy; during World War II he served in the Pacific region, and even took part in the fighting.

After the war, Boone took the soldier `billem` for admission to the Actors Studio in New York (Actors Studio, New York). Boone studied quite well; already in 1947 he managed to make his debut on Broadway (Broadway), directed by Medeya` `(` Medea`).

In the movie, Richard Boone began actively removed due to a happy coincidence. Elia Kazan (Elia Kazan) Boone used as a prompter at the arranged Lewis Milestone (Lewis Milestone) listening. Actress auditioned Milestone strongly impressed, but he liked the prompter; Richard was invited to Hollywood (Hollywood), where he signed a contract for seven years with `Fox`.

He made his debut on the big screen Boone in 1950, in the form of a Marine in the film `Milestone Rooms Montesumy` (` Halls of Montezuma`). It was during the shooting of the film Boone met with Jack Webb (Jack Webb), who later became a producer and the main actor of the project `zla` Network (` Dragnet`); after some time screenwriter Project began working on a new TV series about doctors.

In the period from 1954 till 1956 th Boone starred in the TV series `Medik` (` Medic`); this role even earned him a nomination for an award in the category Emmi` `` Best main actor seriala` (Best Actor Starring in a Regular). Real glory Boone, however, brought the role of an intelligent and at the same time severe mercenary in the series `Have Gun - Will Travel`. The show was broadcast in the period from 1957 till 1963rd; Bun in the process of filming the show received two more nominations for `Emmi`.

Three times during his career Boone starred in films with John Wayne (John Wayne); we are talking about the films `Fort Alamo` (` The Alamo`), `Large Dzheyk` (` Big Jake`) and `most metkiy` (` The Shootist`).

In 1963, Richard Boone got the own teleantologiyu - project `Richard Shaw Buna` (` The Richard Boone Show`); she has held in the broadcasting schedule all year, but the fourth nomination for `Emmi` actor still brought.

After the show`s cancellation Boone and his family moved to Honolulu (Honolulu, Hawaii); That he managed to convince Leonard Freeman (Leonard Freeman) to shoot the film `Hawaii 5-0` (` Hawaii Five-O`) exclusively in Hawaii. Boone even offered the role in the project, but Richard refused the offer.

In 1970, Richard Boone settled in Florida (Florida). Actor died in 1981, from which developed due to throat cancer pneumonia; the actor`s ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

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