Richard Bennett

Picture of Richard Bennett

Date of Birth: 07/03/1870

Age: 76

Place of birth: Hopewell Hill

Citizenship: Canada


Born on July 3, 1870 in Hopewell Hill (New Brunswick). He was educated in New Brunswick schools and Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia). He began legal career in New Brunswick, but in 1897 he moved to Calgary (province of Alberta), where he lived until 1939.

Bennett was a member of the North West Assembly (1898-1905), the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (1909-1911) and the Canadian House of Commons (1911-1917). In 1917 he was appointed Director General of the National Service conscription in 1921 - Minister of Justice and Attorney General in Meygena government. Having regained a seat in parliament after the general elections 1925 and 1926, Bennett was elected leader of the Conservative Party (1927). In 1930, he became prime minister. Among the achievements of his government were 1932 Ottawa agreement, it has established preferential tariffs within the British Commonwealth system, as well as the creation of the Bank of Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CB-C).

In 1935, in a protracted crisis caused by the economic depression, Bennett was forced to resign. After the Second World War in Europe, Bennett moved to England. In 1941 he was elevated to the title of Viscount Bennett Miklhema, Surrey, Calgary and Houpvellskogo. He died in Miklheme Bennett (England) June 26, 1947.