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Date of Birth: 08/22/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Leicester

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Thorin Oakenshield from `Hobbita`

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Crispin Richard Armitage - English actor of theater, cinema, television and dubbing. At the international level, it is best known for the role of Thorin Duboschita (Thorin Oakenshield) in the trilogy, Peter Jackson (Peter Jackson) `Hobbit` (The Hobbit); in the UK became famous way John Thornton (John Thornton) in the British TV show `North and yug` ( `North & South`).

Armitage was born in Leicester, England (Leicester, England); His father was an engineer, his mother - a secretary. The local school Armitage became interested in music; he actively played the cello in the school and local orchestras, while studying the game on a flute. For 14 years, Richard was able to get a grant from the Leicestershire authorities and to convince his mother to arrange transfer to an independent boarding school in Coventry (Coventry). As later recalled Armitage, boarding it gave him a lot of useful - especially in terms of discipline and self-control. By the time of graduation, Richard is not only perfectly mastered music and native language - he gained invaluable experience and totally in the actor`s activities, having played in a number of amateur and professional productions.

After finishing his studies at the college for six months Armitage traveled to Budapest (Budapest), which earned a special document, required for all professional British actors. Returning to England, Richard became interested in musical theater; He worked as an assistant choreographer in Kenn Oldfield (Kenn Oldfield) and participated in various projects of the local scale. Parallelnoon studied acting and a classical format, participating in theatrical productions.

By 1992 th Armitage began to suspect that perhaps poorly suited for the musical theater world; this suspicion and led him to enroll at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Within the walls of the Academy Richard planned to improve their acting skills further. After a three-year course, he returned to the stage; Now he has already spoken on the sidelines in the productions of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Birmingham Repertory Theatre, parallel acting in film and television. In 2002, the Richard got the lead role in the production of `Use Me As Your Cardigan`` Charm Offensive`. In the same year he got the first major television role - played by John Armitage Stendringa in the BBC `Sparkhouse` project. The track was still a relatively small number of roles, and then Richard finally waited for a breakthrough - he got the role of a textile John Thornton in the released forces BBC teleadaptatsii works of Elizabeth Gaskell (Elizabeth Gaskell) `North and yug` (` North & South`).

To some extent the director and producer have risked considerably by the leading role of a little-known actor; This risk, however, turned out to be justified - Armitage cope with the role brilliantly. The series proved unexpectedly successful; Armitage literally overnight became a real star on a national scale. The audience and critics praised it as `new Mr. Darsi`, after legendarnogoromanticheskogo character. Funny that he Armitage did not expect such a warm welcome for their hero; he does not perceive it as the character`s romantic sense. To some extent Armitage well understood Thornton - on the father in his family had a lot of textile craftsmen. Working on the way Thornton, Richard put it very interesting and vivid dichotomy - the hero was both a successful and powerful businessman to monstrous in nature and very vulnerable, vulnerable boys in the shower.

In 2005, the actor played Peter McDuff in Makbet` `(` Macbeth`), filmed under the BBC `ShakespeaRe-Told` project; In the same year he got the role of convalescent gamers in one of the episodes of the project `Inspector Lynley Mysteries`. His first major film role does the actor starred in the independent project `Frozen`. The 2006th Richard got another relatively successful role - it became Guy Gisborne (Guy of Gisborne) in the next version of the adventures of Robin Hood (Robin Hood). Again Armitage had to play the hero rather multifaceted - in general stretches to good Gisborne regularly commit serious mistakes because of his irrepressible desire for fame and popularity.

The project `Prizraki` (` Spooks`) Richard Armitage played some North Lukas (Lucas North); for the attractive appearance of a new character he hid his impressive bouquet of psychological problems. During the shooting of the seventh season of the show, Richard even tried himself as a victim of this torture, it is water. Last season the show was dosnyat in July of 2010; it was found out that the real North died before his first appearance, and all the while Armitage played the impostor.

In May of 2010 Armitage played John Porter (John Porter) in the project `The return udar` (` Strike Back`). Porter, on the one hand, was well trained killer; On the other hand, it was quite a normal family and a normal daily life. Back in the second season of the show, Richard was unable to due to filming `Hobbite`, though as a guest star, he still flashed. Image Porter, by the way, gave Richard an opportunity to withdraw even in comic adaptation of `first mstitel` (` Captain America: The First Avenger`) as a Nazi spy Heinz Kruger (Heinz Kruger).

The fact that Armitage will play Thorin Duboschita, Peter Jackson announced in October of 2010. Shooting, albeit with interruptions, went from March 2011 to July of 2012; movies coming out in December 2012 to the 2013-th and 2014th. On Do not grown Tolkien books Armitage barely, and in the early stages theatrical career he had the opportunity to play in the formulation `Hobbit` one of the elves. Psychologically, Thorin Oakenshield proved just as difficult a character as like Armitage; there is enough space and complex scenes and beloved actor duality of nature.

January 13 th 2015 it became known that Armitage will play Francis` Tooth feyu` Dolarhayda (Francis Dolarhyde) in the TV series `Gannibal` (` Hannibal`).

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