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Date of Birth: 11/26/1938

Age: 77

Place of birth: Ottawa

Citizenship: Canada

The man of a thousand voices

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Website: Celebrities

Richard Carruthers `Rich` Little - Canadian-American parodist and voice actor, known by the nickname `Man with a Thousand golosov`.

Born Rich Little in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada); He was an average of three sons of a local physician Lawrence Peniston Little. As a teenager, Richard began to work together with other parodist, Geoff Scott (Geoff Scott); They specialize in the period to simulate the voices of Canadian politicians - like Prime Minister John Diefenbaker (John Diefenbaker) or Ottawa Mayor Charlotte Whitton (Charlotte Whitton).

Already in the 17 years and Richard Joffe professionally performed in local nightclubs. Scott`s career has developed in the future rather unexpected way - he himself became quite famous local politician.

For some time he worked in theaters Little Ottawa; Here he honed his acting skills and learned more realistically simulate other people`s voices. Later, Richard became also quite successful as a DJ; in his DJ appearances, however, he occasionally inserted and mock thumbnails.

In 1963, with Mel Torme contacted by Little (Mel Torm & # 233;), becoming at that time a new project for Judy Garland (Judy Garland). Richard has successfully coped with the audition and in 1964 debuted on American television in the draft CBS `Judy Shaw Garlend` (` The Judy Garland Show`).

In all sorts of variety performances and talk shows Rich Little took part with enviable regularity - as in Johnny Carson`s Company (Johnny Carson) it acted in `The Tonight Show`.

One of the most successful of his parodies considered a parody of US President Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon); in the `70s, he actively campaigned for this parody of the television, and later, in 1991, Little played Nixon in the imagination of one of the characters `Santa Barbara` (` Santa Barbara`).

The most famous TV project was Rich Little Show `The Kopycats` - hour insert into` The ABC Comedy Hour`, first presented to the public in 1972. We recorded these inserts in England; they consist exclusively of parodies of celebrities, and for each sketch, the actors dress up and make up completely. In addition to Little, in a show that was attended by Frank Gorshin (Frank Gorshin), Marilyn Michaels (Marilyn Michaels), George Kirby (George Kirby), Joe Baker (Joe Baker), Fred Travale (Fred Travalena), Charlie Callas (Charlie Callas) and Peter Goodrite (Peter Goodwright).

Rich tried several times to move away from the image of parodist and present themselves to the public `samogo`; specifically for this project `The Rich Little Show` and` The New You Asked for It` were launched.

Several times Rich Little starred in the HBO productions like released in 1978, `Christmas Carol Rich Littla` (` Rich Little`s Christmas Carol`). In addition, Rich often appeared in films and recorded their own albums. In 1982 and 1983, I had a chance to replace Little David Niven in the films `Trail of the Pink Pantery` (` Trail of the Pink Panther`) and `Curse of the Pink Pantery` (` Curse of the Pink Panther`); Interestingly, earlier with the Pink Panther Little already faced - his voice expressed himself two experimental character cartoon back in 1965.

In 2007, Little acted as host at the dinner the White House Correspondents Association. President Bush (George W. Bush), rumored performance Little liked, but other critics expostulated parodist too old jokes and parodies of already dead people.

Married for his life Rich Little was four; his last marriage he made in 2012. Lives (and often acts) Richard Little in Las Vegas (Las Vegas).

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