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Date of Birth: 07/02/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Montpellier

Citizenship: France

joke - it`s his profession

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

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Remi Gaillard (R & # 233; mi Gaillard) - French comedian and prankster who got incredible popularity due to a short video on the popular video sharing services like YouTube, which Remy pranks and jokes in the most improbable scale. So, at the very beginning of his career he was just joking and casual passers-by over the counter, but eventually he took up the matter seriously: so, for example, in one scene, he had the player of FC `Lorient`, entered the field, he has taken part in group photography club after winning the French Cup (Coupe de France), raised above his head the coveted trophy, and even shook hands with the President of France, Jacques Chirac (Jacques Chirac). Subsequently Gaillard often passed on football theme; so, in one of the videos he dared to challenge - and win - the famous Brazilian Ronaldo (Ronaldo) in the fight for a better kick. Today, Remi Gaillard is ranked 17th in the list of comedians on YouTube.

Remi Gaillard was born February 7, 1975, the year in Montpellier, France (Montpellier, France). From the beginning, life was not foreshadowed Remy special glory: he is not particularly fond of school and spend more time with friends on the street. He even managed to lose a job in the shoe store, I stole a pair of sneakers when `Nike`. Left with little money, he, however, has not disappointed: on the contrary, armed with a camera and a list of ideas for jokes, he went out into the street. In his first jokes Gaillard often dressed in animal costumes and scare passers-by their behavior, but over time his sense of humor began to change, and in the new video, he often engaged in challenging social norms and practices. So, for example, he appeared in the street in toy car from the computer game `Mario Kart`.

The greatest popularity brought him a global joke, in which he penetrated to various sporting events and participated, sounding player. After successful penetration on the field during the final match of the Cup of France Remy has appeared several times on important events: so, he tried to stand up for one of the teams in France`s Volleyball Cup final, and made an attempt to play one of the matches of the tennis tournament. It is interesting that every time Remy managed to penetrate the field and stay there for a few minutes before the guards are taken out into the street.

Despite the fact that most of the jokes Remi Gaillard is somehow connected with the sport, he often appeared on the streets of French cities in the costumes of superheroes or villains. For example, in one of the movies he appeared in the streets dressed as Batman (Batman).

In total, his videos have been viewed more than 1.4 billion times, and the most popular - `Mario Kart` has collected more than 60 million views. In March 2014, the Remy released his first feature film `N`importe qui`. He has also appeared in the popular documentary `The Antics Roadshow`, was produced by Banksy (Banksy).

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