Reinhard Heydrich

Picture of Reinhard Heydrich

Date of Birth: 07/03/1904

Age: 38

Place of birth: Halle

Citizenship: Germany


Heydrich, Reinhard (Heydrich), (1904-1942), chief of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA), Deputy Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, one of the main initiators of the concentration camp system. Born on March 7, 1904 in Halle, director of the Conservatory in the family of Richard Bruno Heydrich, in which there was an atmosphere of admiration for classical music and culture in general. Heidrich received an excellent education, was extremely musical, beautifully played the violin.

From a young age Heydrich became interested in politics. In 1918-19 he was a member of the National Association of pan-German youth - "the German National Youth Union" in Halle. Considered this alliance is too moderate, in 1920 he joined the "German People`s Union defense and offensive." In the same year, eager to participate more actively in the political life rages around, Heydrich becomes connected in the division "Lucius," a member of the volunteer corps in Halle. In 1921 he created a new association - "German People`s youth squad" .Rabotaya in these organizations, Heydrich became interested in extremist theories of "patriotic" movements, imbued with the spirit of militarism, helped by communicating with the officers of volunteer units "Lucius."

In the spring of 1922, Heydrich was admitted to the Imperial Navy. Career young sailor was successful: in 1924 he was a cadet naval school in 1926 - Lieutenant in 1928 - a senior lieutenant. In 1931, after a scandalous love affair with the daughter of a senior officer, the court of honor, chaired by the future Admiral Raeder considered unworthy behavior Heydrich and advised him to resign in order to avoid bigger trouble. In 1932 she appeared on the street Heydrich joined the SS, where it drew the attention of Himmler, and soon made his closest aide - in April 1934 he appointed him chief of the central services of the Gestapo. For Himmler high athletic blond Heydrich was a benchmark representative of the Nordic race.

In 1934, during the events of the "Night of the Long Knives" Heydrich played a decisive Rolv destruction of the Berlin organization of stormtroopers. June 17, 1936 he was appointed head of the secret police (Sipo) and the SD.

In 1940, Heydrich became president of the International Criminal Police Commission, and in this position, began to organize the German espionage system in other countries. In 1941 he was promoted to SS-Obergruppenfuhrer (General). By this time, Heydrich became general manager of the system of concentration camps; it was established the first ghetto for Jews. September 27, 1941, Hitler appointed his deputy Reichsprotektor Bohemia and Moravia. At a January 20, 1942 Vanzeeskom meeting at which Heydrich made a presentation, he was appointed head of the program for the destruction of the European Jews. Associated with this action events in Czechoslovakia, carried out with cynical cruelty caused the organization and conspiracy to assassinate Heydrich members of the Czechoslovak resistance movement. Early in the morning of May 27, 1942 Heydrich was returning from his country house in the open "Mercedes" in the direction of Hradcany, old royal castle in Prague where his residence was located. At the entrance to Prague two men, dressed in blue work overalls, jumped into the car. One of them fired at Heydrich and the driver, and the other flung by a car bomb. Heydrich, who had shot one of the attackers, was seriously wounded by shrapnel in the chest and abdomen.

May 30, 1942 the German Information Bureau issued in Berlin the following bulletin: "May 27 in Prague, unknown persons made an attempt on the Reich Deputy Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich, SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Heydrich was wounded, but his life was in danger For the issue of the assassination of participants.. set the premium at a rate of 10 million crowns. "

Despite the urgent holding of the first surgeon in Prague Professor Hohlbaumom operation, June 4, 1942, Heydrich died. In the funeral speech Hitler called Heydrich "the man with the iron heart."

Heydrich`s death was the signal for a mass bloody repression against the civilian population of Czechoslovakia.