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Date of birth: 03.06.1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Sex - a condiment! But, sometimes, it is bitter

Author: Inessa Lanskaya

Website: Celebrities

- I like her character in "Cream". Although she a bitch, but I always justified - smiles Mannik. - For me, this is a woman with a bruised fate.

As a spectator, see TV shows?

- No. only the "Brigade" watched from our. I really liked this episode. Actually, I rarely go to the movies. Last January, a month vacationing family in Thailand, and took with them 350 discs with movies. The clothes bought on the spot, not taking excess baggage. By the way, we have a family tradition to go for a vacation in January. The year before, we were in Japan.

Your career is in many admirable. In 20 years, you become the head of the press service, 30 - began to appear and become a famous actress!

- It so happened that my friend spoke with Alexander Tolmatskogo. In 1991, he was the director of Oleg Gazmanov. We went to his house, my friend changed his dollars for rubles. The fact is that while the ill leader Sasha Tursunov, presenter of the program "Bill" and he told me to try out for her. I called the director Dmitry transmission Pappe, and the next day I went to audition. In the evening, Dmitri, called me and said, "Tomorrow ezzhaj to Sergei Lisovsky, he wants to talk to you", and Sergei Lisowski was the master channel. Sergey Fedorovich said that he was pleased with my work and offered to lead his press service. I then studied at the faculty of journalism, I always wrote good. It was a chance, and I did not miss. All these events took place just a day. Lisowski always chose the right people, we did not at all lazy, plowed all, were very motivated. I began to earn more and more parents, the firm bought me clothes. I wrote articles, stories led to LIS discos.

You wild luck in life!

- And the wild disabled. I`m proud that I`ve never had anyone to sleep, to get the job done. Yes I do, no one offered. You see, women are unsure of their abilities, they behave, their feminine charm prevails over the professional, and the men are conducted.

taken away from her husband`s family

Why I left journalism?

- I`ve always been interested in acting profession. I read a lot of literature. Peter Brook`s "empty space", for example. After high school, I understand that it is necessary to earn money, and no one in my life depend, therefore, needed a profession that could feed me and the acting profession is very sensitive.

You work all the time, when the time to even get married, have two sons?

- With her first husband, urologist, I have met in 17 years. Children were born one after another. Nyan we did not have, my mother helped. We had a quick wedding, I was expecting a baby. With her first husband have a complicated history. He was married and left the family, I still feel a sense of guilt before the woman which was unbearably painful. After that incident, I have no man of the family did not back away. After her husband, I had only one affair with a married man, but then I stopped. If you do not know what to do - to walk worthily. I do not need this burden, and it hurts. When I back away first husband, I was 17 years old, I do not fully understand what I was doing, it was not a family value, at the time I was not in the status of wife, mother.

Tell us about the sons.

- An older name is Stepan, Jr. - Nikita. I named it in honor of Nikita Mikhalkov. released film "Burnt by the Sun" Just in that year. A senior step - not in honor of someone, and it`s just my favorite name. I also like the second son Stepa call. And I do not say: "Brad some, the two sons of the same name"

When pregnant the second time, my daughter wanted?

- No - boy! I - my mother for the boy. I do not know how to raise a girl. I used my men take care of me - Bring, bring ... I like that I have three men at home. I share not want attention.

Beloved man can forgive everything: treason, betrayal?

- Just everything is possible, but not everyone can live with. Just change could, in fact it is the man you love. But to live with this would not exactly. Of treason is better not to know. I forgave her first husband for infidelity, went to live with him. But in the end still left him.

When a man raises a hand on you?

- What do you! I would never forgive! There is a limit. Love - this is important, but there should be more respect and trust. I have a complicated character. I - self-sufficient person, and I can faintly imagine that I am a man could hit on something. I personally men beat her cheeks, and even did not think that someone can fight back.

Who is your second husband, as the two meet?

- My husband`s name is George. It works great in the legal structure. When we met, he did not really like. Or rather, he did not, and his big nose. And then my mother had a problem, and the next day I go on tour in Australia. I called a friend, and it is very strange behaved, turn off the phone. And then I thought of Gera, we encountered late in the evening, I left, and he had all the problems without me decided. I was very pleased. Then began our romance.

Office Romance

How long have you been married?

- Four years ago we were officially married. Hera has made me an offer, I agreed. What woman would not say: "I do not want to get married!", But that she only speaks when it is empty, or not so much loved man, or want freedom, she has other ideas, that it can go, and find yourself best game. All women laid: a marriage proposal, a wedding veil, a beautiful dress.

Beautiful was the wedding?

- Very beautiful. white dress, veil ... The first time I did not get married in a white dress and veil, as her husband insisted, but I was not going to live with him, relatives of wanted our wedding. And the second time I very much wanted and wanted to get married just for this man, we have been preparing for the wedding together, joyful bustle - it was. For the husband is also a second marriage.

Child still want to?

- Of course. However, now I`ll starorodyaschaya.

You have recently built a country house?

- Yes. We also have a large apartment on the Arbat, but I think soon it will sell just realized that there we do not want to live, although I have so much energy invested in repairs. I love the center, I was born and raised in the center, the children go to school here. Gera has sold his apartment, and built a house. Also spontaneously decided to invest money in the village, who built one of Hera.

The staff do you have?

-I Have an au pair. I am very tidy person, so clean the apartment very carefully, my floor - so together with the plinths, therefore, when it is so spread, the forces have nothing else there. If I cleaned myself, I would have had just stayed home. I understand why the Soviet women did not want to, because when you do all the housework, what kind of sex can be a question ?! What kind of romance you can talk ?!

The social level of men is important to you?

- I`ve had fans and not so wealthy. Then we can in the "McDonald`s" go.

You jealous bangs?

- Jealous, but the husband does not give reasons as well as I do him. He, unlike me, is not so crazy, I have no interest in men. They are simply not interested in me!

The novels were on the set?

- There have been, but I`m married, so do not talk about it. I can control myself and brake. I think that all the actors and actresses playing the love, something to feel your partner, otherwise you will not be sincere, you can control your emotions, and after the shooting to end the relationship. When I kiss with the actor, it is no longer I, but my character, but after the "stop" command, back to real life until the next day. Of course, when I was free, and if the partner is free, you have some kind of relationship, and after the shooting. I always feel warm feelings for their partners when playing love.

And you think about the homosexual love?

- Perfectly! But I myself do not participate in this. Previously, it was hidden, there is now. Everyone chooses for himself, if he feels comfortable, why not ?! Some in this play, are engaged on satiety, curiosity. I think it will soon subside. In the ballet world, so it is accepted, you do not want to call it a tradition. They are not so related to women all the time touch a woman`s body from an early age. If a person receives from a loving pleasure, and no one suffers if it is not harmful, it is mutual, then let people do this. We do not know what complexes push people with different sexual orientation, are all of the complexes. From nedolyublennosti man looking himself in the same field, some love. Inside it is very lonely people, almost all of it is very traumatized people. And we have a lot - half the country. Among the friends I have there are none. In general, with the artists I do not talk, even if the actor normal sexual orientation, it is still not a man.

Japanese passion

Who are the young generation of Russian actors do you like?

- Konstantin Khabensky. We spoke with him on the set of the film "The Cove Philip." I think he was even a little surprised by the surge of attention to the person, he is a very talented man. Luck, of course, important, but also the talent, hard work is necessary.

Do you have friends men?

- Friendship between a man and a woman can only be in the event that had a relationship and have been, or soon will begin, or one experience to another for a feeling. I was friends with a classmate Nikita Terekhov. I think he had some sort of affection towards me, but it was friendship. No romance there was, we spent time together, we had fun, it helped me a lot. But he told me his sympathy did not impose, do not disturb me.

Often I go to the beautician?

- While the very nature keeps face and body, I do not do anything. Plus I & Fitness - incompatible things. I eat everything. My husband and I - glutton, in Japan, we were on tour for gourmets. Very interesting country, we have learned much about the sexual relationship, it`s part of their culture, and therefore part of the nation. Although there are negative from Japan, because it has the highest number of child suicides that something is not right in this nation. If we talk about shopping, I - not a shopaholic. When a woman is something or someone is not satisfied, it buys everything. It`s from boredom and from bad sex. I speak about myself, when I`m on a personal front, there was nothing, I bought up everything, and all I was little, but when they came to a relationship that warmed me, and gave positive emotions, I was not looking for anything in the shops. The deeper problem, the more things.

You were beloved younger than you?

- There were, it is normal. All that matters is the quality of human, intellectual level. I know a lot of couples, and they live happily. No one knows that the couple happens when they are only two of us. Just go to bed is not possible, family life - it`s everyday work, you do not have sex from morning to night, in addition, there are other emotions. Sex - a spice, but is, in fact when she and bitter. All you need to measure. And what peers necessarily live a lifetime together? My husband is younger than me, but not by much.

By the way, in your life there was the movie?

- Accidentally. I came with my friends to play "Caligula". The main role was played by Oleg Fomin. Then I came to look at the shooting of his paintings, "Okay." A woman approached me and asked to replace the actress. The fact that the then very detained shooting, and the actress was forced to leave. At first I refused, for me it was a surprise. I`m not going to shoot. Oleg was an actress, but was asked to help out, and I agreed. It was fast. I starred. My partner had a wonderful actor Sergei Stepanchenko. At the end they come up to me and give 150 dollars. I was very surprised. I thought: "Well, to replace the actress asked, what of it?" I`m wildly happy that my life became a movie. After this work, the role went.


* Regina Mannik

* In 1993, she graduated from REGU, Department of Journalism, in 2001 - RATA (GITIS), Acting Department.

* Was the head of the press service of "Liss`S" and channel MUZ, performed in the "shark pen" (TV6). He led the author`s program "Sublimation personality" on the radio "station".

* Starred in movies and TV series "Bachelors", "gentle monster", "Close persons", "In the rhythm of tango", "All Inclusive", "Not Gonna Get Us", "Dangerous Liaisons."

Married. There are two sons, Stepan (born in 1994) and Nikita (born 1995).

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