Rebecka Liljeberg

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Date of Birth: 05/13/1981

Age: 35

Citizenship: Sweden


Author: Igor BIN

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Childhood and adolescence

Rebecka Liljeberg was born May 13, 1981 in Sweden. Her mother Christina was then 18 years old, and his father Jyrki - 24 years. Rebecca Finn half, half a Swede. She has a brother, Samuel, born in 1992, and two sisters - Aase (born in 1993) and Claudia (born in 1988).

Rebecca grew up in small towns located in the vicinity of Stockholm: Alvsjo, Bagarmossene, Nyuneskhamne, Mariefred. She was 9 years old when the school came the casting group seeking children for shooting in the television series "Christmas Song

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