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Date of Birth: 05/25/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Lisburn

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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George Raymond Stevenson (George Raymond Stevenson) born May 25, 1964 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland (Lisburn, Northern Ireland). At the age of seven, in 1972, he moved with his family to the English industrial town of Leamington, a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne (Lemington, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England), and then in Cramlington, Northumberland (Cramlington, Northumberland ), where he grew up. Ray - the second of three sons of a pilot RAF and his wife-Irish. From childhood he dreamed of an acting career, not missing any of their Saturday performances in local theater, but frankly thought it was unattainable, impossible dream for a simple guy, so I went to study at the art school - art was his second love. He became an interior designer and had found a job in an architectural firm in London (London), but in the age of 25, after seeing John Malkovich (John Malkovich) to stage West End (West End), decided to give himself a second chance. This resulted in the fact that 27-year-old Stevenson enrolled in drama school of the world famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School) and successfully completed it. Today, on account of Ray`s 34 roles in movies and television series.

In the early 90`s began a career in film Stevenson. He played in several television movies, including the film `domoy` Return (The Return of the Native, 1994), where he worked with Clive Owen (Clive Owen), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Steven Mackintosh (Steven Mackintosh). He also played in the comedy `poleta` Theory (The Theory of Flight, 1998), the crime comedy` on Grinvichu` Time (G: MT Greenwich Mean Time, 1999), the thriller `green-eyed monstr` (Green-Eyed Monster, 2001) a variety of other films and television serialov.2004 year an international breakthrough Ray, after filming the movie `King Artur`, in which the actor played a quiet and faithful knight Dagonet and again worked with Clive Owen starring in the role of Arthur. After several appearances in television movies, Stevenson began to grow in popularity from film to film, but real fame and recognition came to him after the show `Rim` where Ray played the funny, but fearless legionary Titus Pullona. It must be admitted that the high (his height 193 cm) and the athletic actor the role of soldiers of all eras and people suited as well as possible, but are his repertoire, of course, not limited. In October 2011, it is expected to yield a new adaptation of the novel `Three mushketera` (The Three Musketeers), where Ray played Porthos (Porthos), in May on the screens out `Tor` (Thor), in which the actor played Volstagga (Volstagg). In the March 2011 release of the next film in which Ray played a major role in crime drama `Kill Irlandtsa` (Kill the Irishman) of the ringleaders mafia Danny Green (Danny Greene).

Theater work includes the role of Stevenson Christ (Christ) in `misteriyah` of York (York Mystery Plays), played in 2000 at York Cathedral (York Minster). In 2001, he played Roger (Roger) in the play Kevin Elliott (Kevin Elyot) `Word of usta` (Mouth to Mouth), in 2003 - Cardinal in` Duchess Malfi` (The Duchess of Malfi) at the Royal National Theatre (Royal National Theatre).

In 1997, Stevenson married actress Ruth Gemmell (Ruth Gemmell), whom he met on the set of the series `Band of Gold` in 1995, but in 2005 the couple divorced. While working on `Rimom` actor met with the Italian anthropologist Elisabetta Carracci (Elisabetta Caraccia), December 24, 2007 the couple had a son Sebastiano Derek Stevenson (Sebastiano Derek Stevenson).

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