Ravshana Kurkova

Picture of Ravshana Kurkova

Date of Birth: 08/22/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Tashkent

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Ravshan Kurkova (nee Matchanov) was born in Tashkent, in the actor`s family. "Ilkhom" Her father is actor Bahram Erkinovich Matchanov played in the theater. Mom Early Dzhalilovna Kubaeva starred in many films in the 80s, and then took up directing, putting a number of films and TV series.

Childhood Ravshan, like many other actors` children have passed or at rehearsals in the theater (the Pope) or shooting movies (my mother). A 12 years old girl played her first film role, starring in the film Rashid Malikov "Mystery fern." Thus, the "virus of acting" Ravshan, we can say, contracted from a young age.

After moving with his mother in Moscow, Ravshan graduated from high school there and the music school. It was the mid `90s, when the theaters and cinemas in Russia is in a deplorable state. Ravshan heeded the advice of the parents of the need to get more serious profession, rather than an actress. Initially, she planned to enroll in the University of London, but in the end, still decided to stay in Russia. She entered the Faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical University.

First marriage

As a student, Ravshan at a party met with the photographer Semen Kurkov. Between the young people broke out love. After some time they were married, and then in the family was a tragedy ... Ravshan was five months pregnant when she lost the baby. After that, the relationship between the couple went wrong, and they decided to disband. However, even after the divorce Ravshan retained the name of her ex-husband - Kurkova.

Still - actress!

After graduation Ravshan Kurkova worked in television as an assistant make-up artist, assistant director, editor of the talk show. But the desire to become an actress it never left. She attended acting classes under the guidance of a teacher Shchepkin theatrical school Tatiana Pyshnovoy and listened to lectures in the framework of the Advanced Directing Courses at VGIK. And the inevitable happened ...

Ravshan Kurkova on screen began with small roles. Maybe someone will remember her character Natasha in the series "Thief-2. Happiness for hire. " Then there were the main role of Pauline in a little-known short film directed by Alexandra Bolshakova "Medusa" and the role of Svetlana Horn in an episode of the series "Private Detective".

The path to fame

First known to the actress came in 2007. Then Ravshan Kurkova starred as Rita in the horror film directed by Paul Ruminova "Dead Daughters". The painting caused a mixed assessment of the audience. Many considered him weak, although admitted that he raises sereznyevoprosy. The same opinion was also the actress: "The film sets the very right questions. The fact that you need to appreciate every moment and tempered you deliberately refers to the way you live. Because death can overtake at the wrong time, and you did not wriggle out of it. "

In the same year Ravshan Kurkova starred in the action film directed by Murad Ibragimbekova "Three daughters". For the role of the artist Maya in this film actress she was awarded the prize at the International Film Festival of CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, "New Cinema. 21 century".

After a series of other works (Zoya Odintsova in the series` CID. Simple guys-2 ", a gypsy Leila in the series" One Night of Love ", Firuz in the film" On the edge of the stand ") Ravshan Kurkova was invited to the show" Barvikha ". In this project, designed for a teenage audience and tells about the life of the golden youth Rublevki actress played one of the main roles - Angela Konkulovu. And after two years Ravshan Kurkova took part in the filming of the continuation of the already become popular series - "Golden".

Among other well-known works of the actress in the years 2010-12: Faith in the film "Capercaillie in the movie," Nelly in a Drama Series "Island unnecessary people", Christina in the anthology "Mom."

In addition to the movie Ravshan Kurkova starred in the movie Machete