Ravil Gaynutdin

Picture of Ravil Gaynutdin

Date of Birth: 08/25/1959

Age: 57

Citizenship: Russia


Born August 25, 1959 in the village of Shali ACC Tartar, Tartar. father worked in the regional consumer union system, his mother was a seamstress,

He graduated with honors from the Kazan Theatre School. It has higher religious education (he studied at the Mir-Arab madrassah in Bukhara, in which he entered in 1979 and graduated in 1984). He graduated from directing department of the Leningrad state institute of theater, music and cinematography. In 2001 he graduated from the Academy of Civil Service (2001). The candidate of philosophical sciences.

Until 1979 he worked at the Kazan television, including managing editor of information programs.

After madrasah served as the first imam-khatib of the Second Kazan mosque "Nur Islam".

In 1985 he was transferred to Ufa in the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Supreme Mufti, Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the European part of the USSR and Siberia (DUMES centered in Ufa). He worked as an assistant mufti on organizational matters.

Since 1986 - Executive Secretary DUMES.

In November 1987 he was transferred to Moscow; in 1987-88 gg.- the third, then the second imam khatib of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

Since 1987 - Deputy Chairman of the Moscow City Council of Voluntary Society of Tatar culture "Tugan Tal".

The summer of 1988 he was elected as the first imam-khatib of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque.

In April 1991, he created with the support of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Cultural Center of the Moscow Soborrnoy mosque; elected president of the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC).

In 1992, during a trip to Helsinki Gainutdin, ICC CEO Abdul-Vahed Niyazov Niyazov attempted coup in Moscow muftiat. After returning Gainutdin expelled A. V.Niyazova-together with his supporters from the mosque and built a mosque Ilamsky new cultural center.

In December 1991, accompanied by Vice President Alexander Rutskoi during a trip to Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan for talks with the leadership of the Mujahideen to liberate the captured Russian citizens.

He was the enemy of creation of the Supreme Coordinating Council of Russian Spiritual Administration of Muslims (DUMR private commercial enterprise), which in 1992 entered separated from DUMES Kazan Gabdulla Galliullin Mufti, Mufti Bashkiria Nurmuhammed Nigmatullin, Saratov Imam M.Bibarsov, Nafigullah Ashirov and AA-V.Niyazov.

At the beginning of November 1992 decision VI extraordinary congress DUMES Muslims was renamed the Central Spiritual Administration of Muslims (TsDUM) Russia and the European CIS countries, appointed by the Supreme Mufti T.Tadzhutdin TsDUM.

In December 1993, Gainutdin proclaimed the creation of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Central European region (DUMTSER) Russia (originally composed TsDUM), which included Muslim congregations Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Tver regions, and Stavropol and Krasnodar Territory; muhtasibs became imam (leader) DUMTSER. At the founding Majlis in January. 1994 elected as imam-muhtasibs (Mufti), chairman DUMTSER.

In 1993-94 he created in Moscow Higher Islamic College (started in 1994).

In March 1994, he issued a statement about the charges against A.V.Niyazova homosexuality and his relationship to the ICC at the mosque ( "... for repeated violations of the Charter, as well as for exceeding their powers and actions that led to the split Muslim community not only in Moscow, but Russia, A.Niyazov was removed from his post. since that time his activities on this post ceased and was not recognized by me or by the Board of the ICC, which was formed by the Moscow Cathedral mosque. We believe that a violation their highest Islamic morality demands that led to such disastrous consequences, does not entitle Mr. A.Niyazovu continue to speak on behalf of Muslims and Muslim organizations in the capital and more than that - (www.flb.ru/Nyjas/abdul.html//) Russia. " .

Often accompanied by Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev in his travels around the Islamic world countries: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey.

In September 1994, the Supreme Mufti T.Tadzhutdin preprinyal attempt to remove Gainutdin rukovodstvaMoskovskoy from the mosque at the moment Gaynutdin sermon. As a result, the Friday prayer September 23, 1994 was adopted by the presidium DUMTSER "the unanimous decision of Canonical DUMTSER output from the TsDUM".

DUMTSER established links with private commercial enterprise DUMR, but its structure was not included.

At the organized T.Tadzhutdinom Congress of Muslims of Russia and European CIS countries January 17, 1995 in Ufa Gainutdin he declared detached from his duties as a priest "for supporting the separatist activities of the Arab organization for violating the canons of traditional Islam."

During the presidential election campaign in 1996 conducted in the walls of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque one-day international conference on "Islam and Democracy" (with the participation of Arab diplomats). Speakers agreed that these concepts do not contradict each other and thus spoke "for Yeltsin."

In July 1996 initsative Gainutdin a Council of Muftis of Russia, he was elected chairman.

In December 1998, he supported the initiative of the Moscow Patriarchate to create Interreligious Council of Russia (MCP), which included the DECR, construction and Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia and the Russian Congress of Jewish religious organizations (KEROR). Co-chairman of the Interreligious Council of Russia.

January 18, 1999 renamed the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Central European region (DUMTSER) Russia in the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of European Russia (Doumer).

March 16, 2000 at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin presented him with the dagger, saying that according to Muslim traditions such a gift - a sign of the highest respect to the interlocutor.

March 22, 2000 at the fourth meeting of the MC came into conflict with the guest in MS T.Tadzhutdinom and with the scandal left the meeting.

In September 2001, he signed an open letter to the deputies of Tatarstan State Council of the Tatars living outside the country, asking them to give up the translation of national literature from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet ( "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", 14 September 2001).

In October 2001, he called for state power to assist in solving the problems of the Muslims. According Gaynutdin, the threat of radicalization among the Muslim population in Russia is very real. It is a fact that over the past ten years, many young people from among the believers, not being able to receive religious education in Russia, traveled and continue to travel to study in Islamic countries. "After studying in these countries for seven or eight years, young people come to Russia, where they will begin to demand for our Muslims the same living conditions that exist in a purely Muslim countries, and such cases have already been." Gaynutdin expressed the conviction that the state should provide support to Muslims, including financial, to allocate a building for the creation of Islamic institutes and universities so that young Muslims could study in Russian. (NG, 6 October 2001)

In April 2003, in response to the call of Talgat Tajuddin declare jihad in the United States due to the aggression in Iraq, Gaynutdin said that the announcement of jihad "has no theological or legal or moral force", and therefore is not subject to execution. (Vedomosti, April 15, 2003).

Member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Associations under the President, Co-Chair of the Inter-regional Council of Russia.

He believes that "Russian Muslims profess moderate Islam, not opposing the government" (Moskovsky Komsomolets, March 12 2001). He says that the law "On freedom of conscience" in 1997 completely suits him.

Member of the Council for Cooperation with Religious Organizations Russian President.

It maintains good relations with a number of Arab funds (including the Saudi Fund called "Ibrahim al-Ibrahim") and, according to some sources, with sponsors from Turkey. It relies on the support of some enterprises established Tatar businessmen in Russia. Sheikh. Member of the Executive Committee of the World Tatar Congress.

He awarded the Order of Friendship and Honor.