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In an era when every success in the music "country" and the hard-won breakthrough debuts have become almost non-existentHistory Rascal Flatts was not anything except incredible. Their platinum debut CD spawned four top 10 singles, including the chart-topping "Prayin` For Daylight " and media impact, " I - Movin` On, " and remained in the charts for two years.His platinum status places the trio in a select company, joining SHeDAISY and Dixie Chayks as a group whose debut sold a million copies.

In an era when every success in the music "country" and the hard-won breakthrough debuts have become almost non-existent, the story of Rascal Flatts was not anything except incredible. Their platinum CDdebut disc spawned four top 10 singles, including the chart-topping "Prayin` For Daylight " and media impact, " I - Movin` On, " and remained in the charts for two years. His platinum status places the trio in a select company, joining SHeDAISY and Dixie Chayks as a group whose debut sold a million copies.Rascal Flatts is equally impressive as the facts and figures (numbers) , they are far from the whole story. Rascal Flatts - Demarkasa included Jay, Gary LeVox, and Joe Don Rooney - quickly earned two CMT video * 1 * 1 and GAC video won propriety (appearance) on the soundtrack of the " Emperor`s New Groove ," and "We Were Soldiers ," And were the subject of a one-hour live TV show. On the way, they were approved by the 2001 ACM New Vocal Group of the Year.

If it seems as if their success rate - not to mention the list (Figure) - was breathtaking, you will not get any argument (dispute) of these three young people in the center of the maelstrom. "That was incredible, " They say, almost in unison. " It`s unbelievable - the thrill of a lifetime, " adds Jay. " We are - is blessed. It continues to get better and better. This meant bigger crowds and more people who know our music. "

With the development of this success can be daunting debut in normal times, it would seem ,it was even more so given the current state of the industry. This was not the case for the three young men who went to faith (secrecy) , stellar musicianship and impeccable proportionality to success since the first time they met in a small club in Nashville`s Printer `s Alley legendary. They are more than anxious for the chance to bring their added experience to their second CD, called (named) " Melt ".

"A lot of people talk about the sophomore blues, " says Gary, "but we are not afraid of it. We were excited about the chance to bring some new music and to use creative control (control), which gave us a lyrical Street. "

" We are very serious about the art of making music, " says Jay, " and we felt that we were capable of, to be even more involved in the creative process. It was great to be able to be more practical in the handling of this report (record) . "One change (replacement) at this time involved the increased use of world-class musical trio. Jay, who played keyboards and acted as bandleader for Chely Wright, brought his instrument, as well as his vocal skills to bear " Melt ", playing bass and taking a leading role in the preparation of the vocals trio. Joe Don ,instrumental skills which earned him comparisons with the likes of Vince Gill, treated with a lot of guitar, effect on the project. Both were the perfect complement to the amazing vocal ability, which Gary has brought to both of the CD Rascal Flattach.

These three brought another dimension to "melt "taking the role of the manufacturer. One added responsibility came as they weighed their own improving songwriting skills against those of other countries of star authors.

"This is - a very democratic thing, " says Joe Don process. " I think we were the best poets - songwriters in the past couple years ,but we `re still going to live and die by the motto ` the best songs of victory, ` no matter what (it) . "

In fact, when the two outer tracks, which the trio could not resist, went late in the search, one of the songs dropped to make room, was written by all three members. It was symbolic of intensive and painstaking song search.

"It`s - a process that was long and tedious, " says Joe Don. " It started two or three years ago, and we were two or three thousand songs It -. One great thing about our producing companies, Mark Bright and Marty Williams. We can really trust their judgment on the songs, because we are looking for the best material. "

That perspective was maintained even in the light of the outside of the songwriting success. " Minx " Jay appeared on Chely Wright album, Joe Don " right now " is on the Chadian album Brock, and decrease (segment) , Gary " This Pretender" on the album Joe Diffie.

Seeds trio were embroidered in Columbus, Ohio, where second cousins Gary and Jay grew up as close friends. Their musical family gathered often for jam session (jam) , instilling a love of music in both.

Jay took the love of music to Nashville in 1992, turning his voice and instrumental skills (he plays guitar, bass, keyboards, mandolin ,and others) to quickly productive career. He earned his first record deal as part of a Christian group called East to West. In 1997, he finally persuaded a reluctant Gary to leave his job with the Ohio Department of Mental delay and after his musical dreams as well.

" We started writing together, " says Jay. " We caught up on lost time and sang every chance we got. We just hit it hard. We would have stayed endless nights writing music and playing together. "

Jay met Joe Don planted when both jobs in the band (orchestra) Wizard. Joe Don grew up in a tiny Picher, Oklahoma, picking up influences from his brothers and sisters ,whose tastes ran the gamut. It was in nearby Grove, he gathered his knack for the country.

"There was a show called Great Lakes the Opry, and when I was 19, I worked there, " he says. Appearances (appearance) guest like Merle Haggard, Switzerland (Explorer) Wagoner, and Connie Smith helped point his appetite for the class. As he and Jay worked in the band (orchestra) Master Jay and Gary worked at the club Lane Printer with a part-time guitarist. When he could not do it one night, Jay invited Joe Don to sit in. Several bars (bars) in the first song they sang, they knew that they had something special. Singer Mila Mason heard them mentioned their Williams, who sets (sets) with live listening striking. They recorded some demos and interested Anger Dunn producer, who in turn called (caused) Lyric Street Senior VP, A * R Doug Howard.

With their first album, Rascal Flatts hits the road is hard ,getting thousands of new fans and opening for the likes of Alan Jackson, Jo Dee Messina, and Toby Keith. One particularly memorable day found them in Atlanta in the account (bill) with Jackson and opening act Cyndi Thompson.

" It was in Atlanta, there was a huge market for us, " says Joe Don. "There were probably 15,000 people there, and while much of it was undoubtedly the crowd Alan, people were already there in huge numbers (rooms) for Kindi and then to us. They sang every lyric to every song that we sang that night. it was just incredible. Then we met Alan on his bus, and he told us ,how special he thought ` I - Movin` Na` was and how he thought we were singing the fire (fire) from it. Have one of your characters says something like this to your face - something that I will remember for a long time. "

The rising popularity of the stream became a tidal wave with the release of "I - Movin` On, " the phenomenon ,that still leaves the band members (Orchestra) , tossed their heads.

" The song ` I - Movin` Na` become more than we are, " says Jay. "This is - one of those songs with a powerful message that it can move anyone in any stage of life If you are 12 and lose a parent, 35 and the passage of the divorce, or the loss of 70, and one -. The cancer ,You must be before moving on. This - the universal song that really does more than we expected. This led our lives upside down. We are still catching up to it. "

Milestones continued to arrive. They played the Grand Ole Opry and recorded "Walk the Llama Llama, " a songpenned by Sting for " Emperor`s New Groove " soundtrack winning them more fans, including among younger (much younger) set in their own families.

" My niece and nephew think I`m cool because we sang " Walk the Llama Llama, " says Jay. hit songs (stroke) , and tireless work ethic have resulted (brought) them inexorably toward platinum status, and that is where they caught their breath long enough to evaluate how far they have come.

" Definitely, going platinum was our biggest goal, " says Joe Don. "When we reached the stage (the stage), we knew that we did do something ,that we intended to do with the report (record) . "Now, " Gary adds, " We want to expand more on the foundation (basis), we started to build from the first album, and " Melt `, I think we have achieved this. "

The combination of experience and confidence (privacy) makes the future that much more promising for Rascal Flatts. " We`ve been together for a while now, " said Jay, " by singing here and on the road. We know each other`s strengths and weaknesses, and we can home in on the forces that have made us successful. Now I hope that this album gives us a little more probability (confidence) . We fought hard against the image (the image of) the band (orchestra) boywe never intended to be, and we hope that it helps people to know that we - serious musicians who care a lot about integrity (honesty) of our music. "

Most fans do not need such a boost.

" Awesome to see people respond so well to the music that really comes from your soul ," Says Jay. " It was almost surreal. I keep waiting to wake up. "

Excitement kept even in the midst of a hard (difficult) daily work required to keep the dream of promotion.

Gary says, "We`re just excited about getting some new music out there and enjoy life on the road. We absolutely are experiencing a dream ,and we`re just going to continue to roll. "

Members fraudster Flatts :

* Jay Demarkas

* Gary LeVox

* Joe Don Rooney

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