Ranier Becker

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

Be on the crest of a wave

This year you are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the restaurant Zuma, but you personally recently celebrated its own anniversary - the fiftieth anniversary! What feelings about this?

- Please do not tell anyone about it! Dates make me strange feelings, I do not live in the usual time frame, I do not keep count of the years. It does not interest me. I do not feel that I was fifty. And what is that in general, when you`re fifty? I continue to do the same, that did thirty years ago - such as water sports, such as: sailing or water skiing. I`m still working.

Where do you get time to practice these adrenaline sports?

- I find it, otherwise there is a risk to get caught up in the work. Then people do not know what to do in your spare time, even if it appears. But it is difficult to find, because on the way, several new projects. For example, we plan to open a branch of Zuma in Abu Dhabi and a new (completely different idea) in skyscraper restaurant "Shard