Ramzes Jabrailov

Picture of Ramzes Jabrailov

Date of Birth: 08/12/1932

Age: 83

Place of birth: Kasumkent

Citizenship: Russia


Rasmi (Ramses) Dzhabrailov has come a long, bumpy ride in the arts, has changed many theaters and movie studios, working actor and director, moved from city to city, until they settled at the Taganka Theater Yuri Lyubimov. At this stage, he played a lot of enthusiasm and sometimes for several roles in the same play. After the split of the troupe went to Nicholas Hubenko and Leonid Filatov. In recent years, many acts antrepriznyh productions.

Dzhabrailov Heroes often eccentric, sometimes touchingly weak and melancholic, sometimes disgustingly vile, sometimes hilariously funny or stupid. But always - individual, no matter what actions they did not commit, no matter what the feelings are not moved. The actor creates a complete image and does it in his own way, perfect.

Among his film credits: "Obsessed" (Yurtaykin), "Our House" (television worker), "White piano" (Aristarchus Platonich), "Meeting at the old mosque" (photographer), "Drama of ancient life" (Hraposhka) "Lautaro" (Iancu), "Summer dreams" (priest), "Acting" (janitor), "A Thousand first tour" (Karanefis) "cabbages and Kings" (Esteban Delgado), "a tale told by night" ( pharmacist) "Correction of mistakes" (Cat), "Year of the good of the child" (potatoes), "joke you like?" (Mishkin), "testers" (Sergei), "Nina" (Tigran).

Honored Artist of Russia.

Laureate of the State Prize of Russia (1999).

In 1955 he graduated from the cast in 1961 - directing department GITIS. In 1955-1956 years - an actor Lezginskogo Drama named S.Stalskogo in Derbent, in 1961-1962 - the second director of the film studio "Tajikfilm", in 1962-1963 - director of the Dagestan Russian Gorky Theatre in Makhachkala and chief director Dargin Theatre About .Batyraya in Izberashe. In 1963-1964 - director of the Tula regional theater named after M. Gorky. Since 1964 years- actor Taganka Theater. Since 1993 - in the theater "Commonwealth of Taganka actors".

Among the films:

DRAMA FROM ANCIENT LIFE (1971) - Hraposhka

DEAR BOY (1974) - Frank

Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (1975) - Tarykin

Escape of Mr. McKinley (1975)

Keychain with Secrets (1981)

Was there Carotene (1989) - McGregor

Pistol with a silencer (1993)

Simple-minded (1994)

Return of the Battleship (1996)


The investigation leading experts (1971-1989) - the film BUSINESS